Well Done!

We Have Done It!
By JAK’s guest mom blogger from Sturtevant, Leann Pomeroy

The Schulte Elementary School PTA has raised $36,000 and the equipment has been ordered for the new playground at the school. Yay!

One fall day the rescue squad had to be called to Schulte Elementary School in Sturtevant because a child had gotten his finger caught in the old, rusted unsafe playground equipment.  Thankfully he was okay.  That is when we knew we were on the right track with our plan to replace the old equipment. Read More…

schulte playground 1b schulte playground 1c

The old equipment

The old equipment

As a school we have raised the funds through many fundraisers including eat out nights, Skatetown parties, vendor fair, Market Day, yearbook sales, t-shirt sales, holiday gifts from teachers and students. You name it, we did it!  We also applied for many many grants and were awarded a few, but far more were not.  One of our best fundraisers was our Silent Auction/Ice Cream Social this year.  We raised over $5,000 in one night.  We are thankful for all that donated to that fun night.

We had many ups and downs: days we knew we were going to reach our goal and then days that we did not think we would.  In the end we did.  One of the greatest ups was the help of the South Shore Professional Firefighters Local 2939; they chose us as their first ever cause to raise money for.  The firefighters planned a pancake breakfast and bake sale that raised well over $3,000.  We could not have done this without their help and their help does not stop there.  Many of the firefighters also plan on being at the building of the playground.  It has been a great deal of work by all involved but it is definitely something that needed to be done.

demolition day!

demolition day!

Just when we had reached our goal and thought we could relax and enjoy our accomplishment; we had to start planning the building of the playground.  We are doing a community build on Saturday July 27th 2013, rain date Saturday August 3rd, 2013.  We will have many members of the community at the build day to help build, serve food, and play with the kids.  This is something that could not be done without the help of the community.  So many people have reached out to help and it has been truly amazing to see this.

schulte playground 3b

The new equipment

The new equipment

We would like to thank the South Shore Professional Firefighters Local 2939, William and Yoland Naleid Fund, Kiwanis of Greater Racine, Jim Lousier, Vranak Cement, Racine Kiwanis and Kids First Fund for your generous donations.  We also want to thank all the Schulte staff, students, parents and friends that have helped make this possible.  We could not have done this without the help of all.

To keep up with all that is being done please visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/480321748706116/ or search Schulte playground on Facebook.

You can also visit us at http://ourdreamplayground.kaboom.org/projects/9513-schulte-elementary-s.

Leann is a married mom of 2 kids ages 5 and 8, teacher of ACT Prep course, and playground project leader.


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