The Week in the Life of Mom

Busy, Busy, Busy, Busybusy-full-calendar-monthly-clients
by Just Add Kids Founder, Paula Herrmann

I dreamed about a summer of chilling out, rest and relaxation, fun, a family getaway, getting more healthy and fit…Hmmmmm, at this juncture, it doesn’t look too promising. I am not sure what went wrong. It all started okay once I got past the end of the school year hangover.

As a mother of 4 kids, (now 18, 16, 11,9…yah, that old!) I figured out years ago, a mom’s busiest months are May, September, and December. Maybe not in that order for everyone. I think I’d flip the last two months. But definitely May (into early June) tops ’em all if your kids are of school age. Might anyone refute that? Read More…

So what the heck happened this past week that has had me flyin’, drivin’ by the seat of my panties?

As I recap: I promoted and participated at the (wonderful) fundraiser for Autism Solution Pieces last Friday night; a graduation party and a birthday party on Saturday; 2 singing performances for one child (throw in the bake sale for the later show) on Sunday, one early morning, one in the evening; overnight weekend guests; sailing adventures for 2 kids (weekend races, Tuesday excursion, Wednesday race); 3 sleepovers (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday); drivers ed each weekday for 1 kid; orthodontist appointment for 1 kid on Tuesday, extended family dinners (Wednesday and Thursday); and 2 kids with golf this morning. These are all the things on the busy, busy, busy schedule for the week. That didn’t account for all the stuff inserted in there: prep for each of the listed items, coordinating and scheduling for the next week(s), dishes, laundry, paperwork, picking up stuff laying around the house, carpet cleaning…help! Oh, that’s right, how could I forget about the serial text stalker that sucked up hours of my life on Tuesday….freakin’ time stealer.

Kid's Carnival & Concert Aug 2 2013 The Unicorn Tall Ship Racine 8.2012

Kaisa singing Catamaran races Racine Yacht Club 2013

kids golfingcreeper text pic w number whited out

This is August. I am afraid of September (#3 month on the busy scale) and even before that, what’s to come next week. So I dream while I operate in survival mode. A week in the life of a mom.
Tired? I am.

P.S. As I reread, my intention is not to vent or complain, necessarily. I am exhausted, of course. Yet, I am blessed.


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