Life Lessons According to…

by Just Add Kids Founder,
Paula Herrmann

From the mouth of Ashton Kutcher, as he accepted his MTV’s “Ultimate Choice” Award at the 2013 Teen Choice Award’s this past weekend. Amazing things he learned about before he was 19, when he was called by his real first name, Chris. (Ashton being his middle name, that he soon took on as he “put on” Hollywood as Ashton Kutcher, who catapulted to mega stardom, in my mind, as actress Demi Moore’s cougar eye candy):

1) About “opportunity”, 2) about “being sexy”, and 3) “about” living life.

The birth of MTV came at a time in my life, when I was pretty much the same age as the screaming girlies in the audience of this awards program. Read more… Now, I am the mother of girls that are teens (18, 16 and 11 going on…well, she’s a preteen, so it changes with the wind), MTV ain’t what it used to be, and (much to my pleasant surprise) Ashton Kutcher just delivered a very timely message for my kids. For society.

I never thought that Ashton and I would be on the same page. I’ve not really ever been a fan. I don’t typically idolize celebrities. But there you go.

I hope you have heard his speech, if not, please take a moment to click and watch the video. Many, like myself, are applauding Kutcher’s delivering of a passionate message about hard work and the dignity of a job, ANY job.
Secondly, equating what he considers as being “sexy” is actually being “smart, thoughtful, and generous”. Finally, he reflected on rather than “living a life”, one should “build a life” referencing the late Steve Jobs.

Of course, most of the feedback has come from bloggers, media outlets, and now as the video has gone viral, adults and parents are sharing the message and chiming in.

I wonder if the message has penetrated those it was intended on impacting..our teens and young adults?

When you listen to the clip, it’s interesting to take note where the (immature) screams are heard and where there is (respectful) silence. Besides where the “I-want-to-burst-out-and-scream-something-so-Ashton-will-notice-me” shout outs are heard, at what points in Ashton’s acceptance speech was the audience quiet? Yay, might they actually be listening? And conversely, where the young fans responded and shrieked with glee. (hint: opportunity (quiet), being sexy (scream), living (a) life (silent)).

While this is a great speech, and I am glad to be contributing to spreading the message, I am hoping it can and will make an impact. The task at hand will be somehow we’ve got to get “opportunity, or hard work” AND “building a life” to “be sexy”.

(Chris) Ashton Kutcher, “old guy”, “just lucky to have a job”, very wise. And that ain’t no cr*p.


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