Saving Date NightKeno Drive In
by JAK’s guest mom blogger from Kenosha,
Cassandra Vite

We love the Keno Drive-In!  Located at 9102 Sheridan Road in Pleasant Prairie, it’s a treasure in southeastern Wisconsin cherished by many.  Both my husband and I have fond memories as teens and together of this local Kenosha icon.  My favorite part: it’s a date night for us without having to pay for a babysitter because we can bring our son with us.  He chats happily in the back and enjoys some popcorn with us from the snack shop.  Soon, he falls asleep and we are able to watch a first run movie under the stars together.  The cool Wisconsin breeze ads to the ambiance and we have a great time enjoying each other’s company taking in a movie.

For us, the cost is incredibly affordable, especially compared to the brick-and-mortar big multi-plex cinemas.  Have a larger family?  Here’s a tip: Sunday night is READ MORE…carload night!  All you have to do is pile your SUV or minivan full of kids (in car seats of course,) and ask for the carload deal: $12 gets everyone in the  vehicle in!  Seriously, you can’t beat that anywhere.

Times are changing, as always.  In the 1950’s, Wisconsin boasted more than 60 drive-in theaters, today that number is 10.  Sadly, as the movie industry has grown and adapted to the new digital era, the local drive-ins who have been mom and pop businesses haven’t been able to keep up with the technology due to the extremely high cost.

Maybe you’ve heard the rumors that the Keno is closing.  I know I have heard them for a few years and to be honest, I thought it was a marketing ploy at first.  Unfortunately, the rumors hold true this time, and an end of an era is fast approaching.  There was a time when there were two drive-in theaters in Kenosha, the Keno and Mid-city.  There was also one in Racine where Shopko is now, and several others in Milwaukee (remember 41-Twin?)

There’s a way to save our beloved Keno!  Honda is running a promotion to save drive-in’s across the country.  Already, five have been saved by their donations that allow the owners to upgrade their equipment to meet the new requirements set by the Motion Picture Association.  Honda’s campaign was so popular on Facebook; they received donations from numerous individuals and businesses and extended the program!  The deadline has been extended to September 21st, and they are taking votes on FOUR MORE theaters.

Let’s work together to make the Keno one of those theaters to receive a new digital projector!  It’s easy to vote too, just go to the website, enter your ZIP code and vote for the Keno in Pleasant Prairie, WI.  Together, we can save the Keno and keep it around so our kids can hang out there with their friends in high school and create their own magical memories!


Here’s a link to Honda’s Project Drive In promotion: http://projectdrivein.com/

For more information about the Keno, visit their website: http://kenodrivein.net/

About our guest blogger: Cassandra is married with an almost two year old (21 months old!). She is a stay at home mom who works part-time as a substitute teacher in Racine.


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