She Rocks in the Tree Tops All Day Long

Tweet Tweet Tweet: Rockin’ Mama peep
by Just Add Kids Founder, Paula Herrmann


It’s been a long time coming. It has been several month’s since Just Add Kids awarded it’s first and last JAK Peep Award.
(see JAK Chat “This Chick is #1”)

Not that there aren’t so many many many moms (or other peeps) that I run across daily that are deserving of this highly honorable award, because, there are. There are just certain people that stick out because what they do makes an impact on others’ lives. And this lady ain’t no exception. In fact, she is exceptional! Read More…

This mom ain’t no stranger to Just Add Kids. If you’ve read recent blog posts here in JAK Chat, subscribe to our e-mails, or are a friend on Facebook, the likelihood of you running across her, or perhaps the fruits of her labor are pretty strong.

I only met Cindy Schultz, mother of 5, from Caledonia a short 6 months ago. And since then, we’ve probably been in touch every week, several times a week, if not several times a day, depending on what’s going on. And if you are in Cindy’s world, there is ALWAYS something going on. If I’d try to track her comings and goings, I’d be freaking exhausted.

To learn more about Cindy,  I am just going to connect you here with my previous articles:

You Had Me At…Hello! Meeting Cindy, Gavin & Rusty (August 1st)
Hang Tight: Taking Flight (September 26th)

Cindy Schultz JAK peep award Cindy Schultz with peep pic

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t share what she’s wanting you to know about…

The perfect storm

                “The wise old owl, the big black crow…
                                               Flappin’ their wings singing go bird go!”


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