Winter Funk and all that Junk

 #4. Huh? Say What?

#4 hits double digits

#4 hits double digits

by Just Add Kids Founder, Paula Herrmann

I must be losing it.
Actually, I know I’ve lost it.
My mojo.
My groove.
It happens.
Just not this early in the winter.

I think I know the culprit. It’s my family’s Read more… new school year schedule.

Um, Paula, it’s been 3 months now.  I know. I know.  For the last two years it had been 2 kids at one school and the other 2 at another. Just two schools. Starting times 2 hours apart. The flow was quite perfect. This year, not so much. Four kids. Four different schools with four different start times and end times. I just can’t seem to get the flow going.
Texting after 10pm BANNED. Even if it's a stupid app!

Texting after 10pm BANNED. Even if it’s a stupid app!

Okay, so how does this equate to making up another excuse for not getting the parental panties on when it comes to taking care of #3’s safety with the cell phone. Remember that? (well, embarrassingly, I have to bring it up. See  #3, iRemember and i Caved. i Regret.)  Today was the day my friends, and it couldn’t have started off any more perfectly. (See picture that screen captured last nights app messages. Puleeze parents, this is what is going on on our kiddos’ phones late at night)  iPhone 4s with the lovely sparkly green cover….”You. Me. We’re getting down to business!” I’m going to go through that phone, app by app. I’m going to find out what these downloads are all about.

Not so fast, momma pants…today the kids had some fundraising event at school. That if they paid a couple of bucks, they could listen to music on their device during parts of the school day. Of course, she had asked me for permission. I signed and paid for it. It was planned for today. Except for not on my calendar/radar. So, off to school went the phone. Mission: unaccomplished.

Well, thank goodness my youngest child’s birthday is today and it can get me off the hook (though only temporarily). Sonny boy, my baby, #4 turned 10 today. I couldn’t let this milestone just go by without paying homage to it/him. I actually felt a bit guilty have scheduled #3 in for the 3rd consecutive week of the JAK Chat blog and for goodness sakes, on #4’s special day. So perhaps it was to have turned out this way, anyway.

So the Mermaids and Modern Girl’s “Kevin” (boyfriend) and all other shaddy characters of the apps trapped on #3’s iPhone, you got a pass for today. Don’t worry, though, iAM coming to get you.


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