All That Glitters Is

GreenKaisa madrigal 2013
by Just Add Kids Founder,
Paula Herrmann

Don’t envy me!
I have a date with a sparkly green iPhone that keeps getting delayed.

But before I get to that hovering subject matter, I must wish #2 a happy 17th birthday! ‘Tis the season for Herrmann family celebrations: uncle birthday, nephew birthday, Thanksgiving, #4 birthday, #2 birthday, Christmas, and all the holiday seasonings sprinkled in between, including The 37th Annual High Renaissance Feast. Note the festive garb!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And speaking of green, we’ve got more Alexander Hamilton’s and Andrew Jackson’s flying out the window than coming in the door. You? Read more….

So today, instead of tackling this “high priority” project of sifting thru #3’s cell phone (now see #3, I Remember AND i Caved. i Regret.) I am writing about yet another child and her milestone….tomorrow’s 17th birthday. It’s only right. She deserves every last bit of my attention today. It ain’t easy being #2. Especially in this family. And especially because she’s been my easiest, smartest, albeit not perfect child, all attention needs to go her way. So off to a celebratory dinner we go!

Say now what happened with the investigation into #3’s iPhone besides #2’s birthday bump? Well, wouldn’t you know, she took the phone to school. She broke the rule. No cell phone goes to school, of course, with the exception of last week’s special mobile device fundraising day at school. What the heck?! I’m telling you this #3 kid is going to be the one to cause me increased greys and wrinkles. And yet again, it’s another excuse for not being the parent I need to be. How ironic that today would be that day that she took her phone, THAT DAY I had to get this project done in time for this scheduled blog posting. I couldn’t prioritize the iPhone project over #2’s birthday eve and blow off this evening night out till our next possible evening that we have nothing planned, 3 days after her special day, Monday.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney.

Thanks Walt. First thing in the morning.

In the spirit of #2’s role model, Uncle Si, “Happy, Happy , Happy, #2!”


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