So What?

Sochi!Olympic logo
Written by Just Add Kids Founder, Paula Herrmann 

What the heck? I knew the Olympics were to start on February 6th, but I thought it would be the opening ceremonies, and not Women’s Snowboarding Slopestyle competition, which is being introduced in these games. L O V E  I T!  Only it’s a bit funky, (thankfully not as much as the hotel accommodations there I hear) for me. Not typically one to get hung up on deviating from tradition, it’s a bit odd not kicking things off with the long-awaited, always awesome spectacular event.

So working while watching, I’ll give you day one play by play. What other surprises do we have in store? Hope Putin keeps his shirt on!  Well, I guess that wouldn’t be a surprise. Read more…

Next on the television broadcast is Team Figure Skating….another new competition in these games! Surprise? So many empty seats. Typically at any figure skating competition, the place is packed. Why, I wonder? Because the games haven’t “officially” kicked off, you know, in traditional terms, post opening ceremonies? Maybe terror threat? We’ll see how the stands look in other events. Not a surprise? Scott Hamilton’s excitable commentary and Team Russia is in first place (well, at this point…too early to call!). Personally, I’d put figure skating in the top 3 of my personal faves. I simply cannot wait to see Jason Brown compete. He’s a 19 year old figure skater from Highland Park, Illinois whose Twitter profile describes himself as “Just a kid who loves to skate…and happens to have a ponytail!”

And speaking of hair….another of my prized athletes is Shaun White. Having shed his nickname the Flying Tomato, his red long locks, and sportin’ a mature, nice looking “do”, he’s been injured and checked out of the Men’s Snowboarding Slopestyle. Guess we’ll have to wait for the Half-Pipe. Wonder if it’ll be his for the taking, or if his reign of excellence and amazing heights are over? Hope not.

Not too much of a surprise for me that I didn’t get much into the Women’s Mogul competition…and that’s a tradition for me. Not a fan of hitting a mogul on the hill personally, and as of late, you can get that thrill driving on Highway K in Racine County, west of the interstate. I do admire the athleticism of those skiers though.

Well, that’s all for the pre Opening Ceremony Olympic coverage compliments of me. Thanks for tuning in.

Wait! Want more? Tune into this…. Crystal family makes homemade luge track! Wheeee!


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