Love Me Some Fun

fabric-heart-stilllife.jpgHappy Mom-Time,  Sometimes.
by Just Add Kids guest mom blogger, Colleen from SE Wisconsin

I am a 41 year old single mother of three fabulous kids. I don’t have much, I struggle, and I lost a lot with the end of my last relationship. I have no regrets and I love my life, and like any mom I do anything and everything possible for my kids. They come first, they are my heartbeat.

Early in the summer of 2013 I began to date again, a wonderfully kind, caring, loving man, Scott.

We eventually planned a getaway to Florida, he wanted to take me to Disney World and I was thrilled at the thought of a vacation, a little break from reality. During the weeks leading up to our vacation, I would fantasize of walking hand in hand with Scott on the white, warm sand.  Days where my son with autism drained me, I would keep thinking about sandy beaches. Days where I struggled with their father trying to make arrangements for him to watch his son D, and being told  no he wouldn’t….well, I’d stress, get depressed and wondered if I would ever get a vacation. My sister stepped up and volunteered to take time off of her job to care for my kids. Now, for some reason, days before Scott and I are to depart for Florida, my kids dad decides he will let them stay with him. Odd, yes, but…ok.

There I was, 41 and in Disney World for the first time ever, and with the love of my life. I couldn’t be happier, feeling spoiled, relaxed, and like a princess! We spent our first hours walking hand in hand just thrilled to finally be away together. It’s been less than 24 hours since I hugged my kids goodbye, and the phone calls from their father begin. (My phone is at the bottom of my bag as I have no interest in outside communication, but the mom in me knows I must dig for it because it may be my daughter).
Colleen and Scott pic 2  Colleen and Scott pic 1

He calls and calls, I keep answering as well as responding to the texts he is sending between calls. Our daughter has a toothache….he calls to ask me to find a dentist. There I stand, in the middle of Disney World, upset that I am not at home to care for my daughter when she needs me and stressed and furious that she is with someone who has no idea how to care for her, even with the simple and basics. He keeps telling me what he needs me to do from the hot park where I stand dripping sweat and no access to any info. How can I find a dentist? Call insurance. Make an appointment for today. Find a sitter for D. Wait. What? I want to help my daughter, but what???? How can I make appointments for you? How can I make calls from here when I don’t have the insurance book of phone numbers? How can I talk to you even, I can barely hear myself in this loud park?!!

This goes on all day….and into the next day. Scott is doing all he can to help me, to calm me and even says he will get me on a plane home to get to my daughter. What a thoughtful man. All I dreamed of for months was walking the white sandy beaches, swimming in the waves, sleeping on the beach, and drinking fruity frozen drinks with this sweet man, Scott.

I call my sister who had volunteered to watch my kids and she assures me she will check on them, find a dentist, and get my daughter to an appointment and keep D with her all the while.

I love my sister. Wow! So now, feeling slightly less stressed, I throw on my black dress, and Scott and I enjoy our fine dinner followed by wine on the beach, listening to the ocean, looking up at the stars….holding hands.

Vacationing as a mom, we never really get away. So enjoy the moments when you can, they are priceless and all the more appreciated.

Finally, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the ones you love most. I know I will! Cheers!

Colleen pic 1


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