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For Those “In” Service… 
It’s We Care Packs             

My name is Katie Pollock, I am a ninth grade student at Tremper High School in Kenosha, WI. I am working on a community service project. It began when I was in the seventh grade looking for a community service project for National Junior Honor Society and it has continued on since then. My mom’s coworker has a son who was critically wounded while serving our country. We discussed the need to support our troops, so I decided to work on collecting items to send to the soldiers that they can use for daily life. These items are put into care packages to be sent to them in Afghanistan. They include things like: tea, books, lotion, cookies, candy, soap, dental care items, socks, etc. In order to receive these products for the packages, I reach out to companies and ask for donations. We also have had donation drives.   Read more…

Once we get enough products we have a “packing party”.  At these packing parties the products are laid out and each person(youth and adults) go through the line and fill a box.

We Care Packs 2 We Care Packs 3

We Care Packs 4

Each care package costs about $13.75 to mail. To raise money we have been selling Fannie May chocolate bars for a dollar each. We sell them at flea markets, expos, Veterans Day Ceremonies and put a box out at a few businesses.

We Care Packs 5 We Care Packs 6

We Care Packs 7

Ways people can help:

* Organize a collection drive
* Organize a Jean Day in their department at work to raise funds for postage
* Reaching out to any teachers you know to get letters/drawing from school kids to be put into the packages (they really like these)
* Spreading the word about our web site
* Stop by our table at the Just Add Kids EXPO! to sign a card which will go into a care package or buy a candy bar

These care packages have been made possible by the generous donations of many companies and people. 100% of everything received goes directly to the Deployed Soldiers.


See our website at:

Email me at:


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