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Written by Dr. DoniBeth Davis

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself, as I will be bringing more blogs to you over the next several months.  I am a wife, mother of four and a chiropractor.  I just opened a practice in Kenosha, WI after practicing for 5 years at Daniels Chiropractic Office in Racine, WI.  It has been a long time dream of mine, as well as my husband’s, to open this clinic and we are finally living out the dream.  This has not happened without challenges.  See on November 22, 2013 we nearly lost everything….Read More…

We were traveling to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and her family.  We were beyond excited for a vacation and time with our families together. As we were driving through Texas, the weather changed and it began to mist.  The temperature dropped too.  Suddenly, we were spinning out of control.  Our suburban rolled onto its side, my left arm went through the window and was badly injured.  It was the greatest relief, beyond what I can explain, once I knew each of my babies and Zach were alive and okay.

It took the ambulance about an hour get to us.  Before we left, the EMT gave a quick exam to each of the kids and my husband.  As we drove an hour back to the hospital and knowing my family was alright, I began to think about my job and what would happen if I lost my arm.  My job is so much more than a job, it is my life.  I love what I do and the thought of being unable to do it was devastating.  I have seen so many amazing things with chiropractic and get excited about the lives yet to be changed.

The hospital staff were all incredible and took great care of me.  I made sure to let them know right away that I was a chiropractor and I desperately need my arm.  They got me into surgery as quickly as possible, made the repairs and said I should be able to get back to work in 10-12 weeks.  Truly a miracle.

Sozo Chiropractic Dr. DoniBeth with child on table picGoing through this experience has increased my confidence in the career path I have chosen. I am able to fulfill my purpose.  I am third generation chiropractor.  I decided to follow in the family legacy because I wanted to be able to provide chiropractic care to my children, as I received it from my dad growing up.  I also wanted other families to experience the health benefits of chiropractic.  I love what I do and look forward to many more years of helping families achieve wellness and to have health restored.  Since those are the things I strive for, I decided to name my clinic Sozo Chiropractic.  Sozo means wellness and health restored.

In the coming blogs I look forward to sharing with you more information on chiropractic and how it can help your family.

Sozo Chiropractic Dr DoniBeth headshotDr. DoniBeth Davis is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best in family wellness care. Her office is located at 3720 72nd Avenue Kenosha, WI (on the corner of Hwy142 and County Rd EA, just west of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club).  The office number is 262-764-9301.   




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