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Playing a Variety of Sports is the Best MedicineWFH_All Saints 2Cstk_Co (2)

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With the superstardom of professional athletes, it’s no wonder our children are obsessed with the sports. For most youth athletes, dedicating their life to one sport in the hope of becoming the next big leaguer is just a dream. It is also has negative consequences on a developing young body.


Studies show youth athletes who train intensely for one sport have a significantly increased risk for severe overuse injuries such as stress fractures and tendonitis. Read more…


“Many overuse injuries come from athletes involved in long competition seasons, starting sports early in life, and from year-round training. In these cases, muscles and joints are not allowed to rest and heal,” says David R. Ross, MD, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. “We are seeing more chronic sports injuries in younger people now than ever before.”


While we don’t want to take the aspiration out of an athlete, there are a few things you can do to help prevent your child from an overuse injury, says Dr. Ross.


• Be sure your child gets a variety of physical activity (sports, gym, general playing), not just playing a single sport.

Wheaton 123086841 Little League Pitcher (2)• Playing sports should not far exceed how much time your child participates in general play each week.

• Children, pre-teens, and teens should not specialize in one sport while their bodies are developing. Allow him or her to try a variety of sports throughout the year.

• Do not allow your child to practice/train for sports every day of the week. At least one day per week of rest is needed. Also, limit the number of hours per day of training.

• Competition is fine as long as it is not year-round. Take an extended recovery break (a month or more) from competition seasons.

• If your child complains of increased joint or muscle pain, talk with his or her coach, the team’s athletic trainer, or physician.


Dr. Ross is fellowship trained in sports medicine and shoulder surgery. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Ross, please call (262) 687-5800 or visit Wheaton Ross, R David 8-20-13 (2)www.mywheaton.org/allsaintsortho



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