Time Out for Mom…
Yah, Right.
Written by Just Add Kids, Founder
Paula Herrmann


Prep work. That’s the key phrase for the day.
As I’m preparing to write this week’s entry here, I’m looking for an appropriate image to accompany and hopefully grab your attention. My oldest daughter, looking over my shoulder curious as to what I’m looking at, snarls with disgust, “You’re not going to post THAT on Facebook or anything, are you?!”


Let me be honest with you peeps, I actually have fond memories of a colonoscopy from years gone by. Call me nuts, but (no pun intended) hey, I’m trying to make light of an oh so common procedure, and she, well, she’s a teen, and is just completely grossed out! Like I’m not? as I gulp down another 8oz of this delicious Nu-Lytely solution. Read more…


It was 2002, I had three kids, a 7 year old, a 5 year old and an infant of 6 months old.  If you have more than 2 kids, you can probably relate to the exponential work that 3rd child brings on. O.M.Garsh! I was working full-time out of the home: two kids in school, and one delivered to daycare daily. Just reflecting back on it wipes me out. Truly, no rest, except for when I was at work. Oh yeah, that was my downtime…and I was very busy at work, as well.


colonoscopy prep pic (2)

Drink a gallon of this stuff, you’d feel like a nauseas whale, too!


Funny when I look back I remember NOTHING of the prep that I am currently enduring (which btw, is not pleasant). What I remember most is the day of complete and utter relaxation on the couch post-procedure. In a fog….no worries. My mother was here taking care of the kids (and me a bit, too). I guess it’s like when you have a baby… the pain and agony of labor, the contractions and the pushing, all seem to fade into distant memory, and mostly get forgotten.


No worries here really as I anticipate tomorrow’s procedure. I’ve hit a milestone birthday and it’s allhere's to your colonoscopy some ecards about getting a baseline. It’s preventative and not in response to symptoms. So, TGIF tomorrow, I’m looking forward to a day of some R & R on the couch….chillaxin’.





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