Things That Make Me Go “Hmmm”

#3 at age 8

A “Little” Girl Named “Pink Stink”

Written by Just Add Kids, Founder
Paula Herrmann


Daughter #3 brushed past me this morning in the kitchen. Yah, so? We were able to look at each other eye to eye, meaning our eyes were level with each other. Rrrgh…another one growing up.


I don’t like it one bit. Another daughter on the cusp of teenhood. Please stop now!


Am I being selfish, or do you feel like this as you watch your kids grow right in front of your eyes? Read more…

It’s funny, it seemed as though she stayed a little girl for so long and I kinda expected her to stay that way like FOREVER. There is a 5 year gap in between her and her next older sister (#2) and 7 years in between her and #1, my oldest.  As 1 & 2 transitioned into teens and now into young adults, Pink Stink, which is one of the names we dubbed #3 at birth, seemed to get stuck. She’s always been on the petite side. When the older two would cause me distress, there would be my “littles” (#3 and #4, her brother who is 2 years her junior) to remind me that as a mom, I was still loved, adored, and needed.

Even funnier (well, maybe) is the fact that she’s had more boyfriends than #1 & 2 combined. Yup, I said boyfriends, starting with a little boy in her kindergarten class named Kenny, who we caught with our Pink Stink kissing under a table at Culver’s. Yikes! Then there was the long lasting 3 year relationship from third through fifth grade when she moved to a new school. Their relationship consisted of sitting together on the bus daily, small gifts, hanging out at recess and texting (EBR or Eye Ball Roll). Thank goodness middle school split them apart. Last year in 6th grade it was two boys, kinda rapid fire at the end of the school year. All I have to say is, thank goodness for summer break. This momma ain’t ready for it. Stay little, for goodness sakes, P.S.!

Later in the day, today,  I posted a cover picture to the Just Add Kids Facebook Group “JAK Dads” page. I needed to find a picture of a daddy and his kid(s). I scrolled through several of mine to run across this gem…one of my favs. It’s my husband, Hottie Boy (LOL) and his little girl. Yup, it’s Pink Stink. It was just a sweet, tender moment of a dad and his daughter sharing nachos at Six Flags. Dang, that was only two years ago. Why can’t she stay little? Boo! :-/

Eric and Christi cover photo for JAK Dads

As she walks around the house today, whether, that be eye to eye with me, you can’t help but notice she’s also transitioned into Missy Long Legs. They just don’t stop! She is ALL LEGS! I thought with the first decade plus of her life being so petite, she’d stay that way like her momma. The other two have surpassed me in height years ago. I think this one is well on her way, too.

In a matter of a few weeks she’ll be entering the 7th grade. I cannot even believe I am typing that. Oh where, oh where did the time go? Going through this with #1 and #2 was much more of a breeze, I always had the youngies. Now my youngies in that transition. Now what do I have to hold on to? Ever wish that you could just stop time? Perhaps, I’m just being selfish.



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