We Nailed It!

Mom and Me.Klip Joynt logo fixed again
Mani x 3!
Written by Just Add Kids Founder,
Paula Herrmann

Ah! Summer is winding down and back to school is either here, or just days away. As a mom, I always look back and think to myself “where did the summer go?” and it’s that mad rush to prepare for day one of the school year.

With four kids in four different schools, you can imagine the fun we’re experiencing in our household…or not! One packed up, delivered to her dorm room, and ready to embark on year two of college; a high school senior; a middle schooler; and one still in elementary school. Trying to squeeze in a little “we” time, besides in the school supply aisle, before the first school bell rings was a priority for me, so off to the Klip Joynt on Racine’s northside we went, 3 of us, to go prep our digits for back-to-school.

When you walk in the door at Klip Joynt, instantly you feel a sense of style…a calm charming mix I’d say of Restoration Hardware, Pier One and Pottery Barn. It’s such a welcoming, open space that woos you with a calming blend of natural essences.  Almost instantaneously your mind is soothed into “pamper mode” Can you feel it?  Let’s go!

Her name is Renee’ Chamberlain. Besides being my BFF, she is known regionally as the gal who uses mechanical clippers to cut hair, at the same time, stylist Renee’  also has the reputation of giving amazing manicures, specializing in the forearm to phalanges moisturizing and massage. Can I say, A-MAZING, again?

What could’ve been several minutes of choosing our back-to-school choice of polish colors, ended up being a pretty quick decision. Myself…earthy, spicy (staying true to the ambiance of the salon). I call it pumpkin pie! My 17 year old, as traditional goes, went with a red hue. And finally, my 12 year old, glammed it up with dark grey sparkles. Spectacular, I’d say!

picking out the nail color at Klip Joynt PMdTime for manis colors clock Klip Joynt PMd

One by one we rotated into Renee’s manicure chair and experienced her mani magic! File; clip; oil; soak; <head tingles, LOL>; nail underside clean; cuticle push; buff; euphoric moisturize and massage; basecoat; polish; top coat; TA DA! Our nails are now reading, writing, and arithmetic ready.

Christi arm rub down from Renee Klip Joynt PMdChristi sparkly nails Klip Joynt PMd
“Oh, yah, 7th grade will be a breeze with these nails!”

Kaisa getting mani from Renee Klip Joynt PMdKaisa's mani from Renee Klip Joynt PMd
“I’ll ace my senior year. Hands down!”

Paula and her bare nails Klip Joynt PMdMoms pumpkin pie nails Klip Joynt PMd
“Yah, I’ve got this! 2014-15…bring it!”

Trio Kaisa Mom Christi nails Klip Joynt pmD

 +1 Mani

As we were wrapping up, college girl walked in the door. Surprise! One more Herrmann mani, please.

Gabby getting nails done from Renee Klip Joynt PMd

“That’s right, I’m home already. With a basketload of laundry! I’ll have to wait til my nails dry.”

Take note! You too can experience and get your back-to-school manis. Give the Klip Joynt a call at (262)681-5530, and let them know Renee’s BFF and her two three daughters sent you!

Located at 5052 Douglas Avenue, the Klip Joynt is a full service salon with an amazing relaxing atmosphere! The team consists of Renee’, Victoria, and Brittany who offer all hair services, manicures, pedicures, shellac nails, facials and waxing. Appointments or walk ins welcome!

Tue – Wed: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Thu – Fri: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm, Sat: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Please give Klip Joynt a “Like” on Facebook!





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