Written by Just Add Kids Founder,
Paula Herrmann 

I have no new memories, other than the fact that I can’t let this day, September 11th go by without some kind of honor to the day that changed modern day USA. As each year passes, the heavy heart that I carry seems to get lighter.

Time heals, right?  Read more… Every year since I can remember that followed that fateful day, my oldest daughter  would have to relive and grieve. As a elementary school child her little safe world was threatened….she will not forget. She would make a point of watching the news documentaries that took her back to that unusual day in the life of a happy go lucky 6 year old and I’d join her in respect to not forgetting the enormity of this attack on our country.  For the first time on this anniversary, she’s not home but rather away at college.  Thus, I haven’t heard the narratives or walked by the video footage playing in our home.

So, as I reflect and share, the best I can do is share my thoughts from year’s prior, please read “Say It Ain’t So; September 11th Memory Lapse”

May God bless and keep our country safe as hatred against us continues to grow and we’re faced with new increased threats.




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