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Is Your Child Too Sick for School?
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It’s 7:00 am and your child complains of not feeling well. What do you do? Send him to school or keep him home?


There are three main factors when deciding whether a child can attend school.

  1. Is he well enough to take part in the daily activities?
  2. Will he require extra attention from teachers or staff?
  3. Will he spread his illness to others?

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“Children can attend school with the sniffles as long as they feel all right otherwise. But keep your child at home if he or she is feeling too sick to play or learn,” says Muhammad Ahmad, MD, Family Medicine.

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Also keep him home if his breathing is rapid or labored, has a fever higher than 100˚F, is vomiting repeatedly, or you may feel he has something highly contagious (ex. pink eye, strep throat, and some rashes). In these cases, keep him at home until you are able to get him checked by his doctor.


Another common complaint is an upset stomach, which can be caused by outside stresses or a virus or bacteria. “The pain probably isn’t caused by something too serious if your child is able to play or do other activities. But keep your child home from school if the stomach pain is accompanied by recurrent vomiting or diarrhea,” says Dr. Ahmad. Call your child’s doctor if the pain or vomiting is severe or does not go away after a couple of days.


Ahmad, Muhammad pic for Wheaton Franciscan blog 10.2014“When it comes to temperature, a reading below 100˚F is generally not cause for concern,” adds Dr. Ahmad. “A fever above 100˚F, especially when combined with a sore throat, a rash, or other symptoms, could mean a more serious illness. Keep him at home and make an appointment to visit his doctor.”


Dr. Ahmad is accepting new patients of all ages. To make an appointment, call his 3807 Spring Street office at (262) 687-8173.




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