Ding Dong!

Trick or Treat! Smell My Feet!trick or treat feet
Written by
Just Add Kids Founder,
Paula Herrmann 

Remember the days when Trick or Treat landed on Halloween, October 31st regardless of what day of the week it landed on? Not so much these days, eh?

If you’re out of the loop on when your community is hosting its Trick or Treat event or just need to confirm…No fear, my peeps! Just Add Kids has got ya covered. Beware though, your town’s may be sooner than you think!  Read more…


Bay View, October 25th 5 8pm

Big Bend, October 31st 6 8pm

Bristol, October 31st 4 7pm

Burlington, (City and Town of), October 31st 6 8pm

Caledonia, October 31st 5 8pm

Cudahy, October 26th 2 4pm

Dover, October 31st 6 – 8pm

Elmwood Park, October 31st 5 8pm

Franklin, October 26th 4 7pm

Greendale, October 26th 4 7pm

Greenfield, October 26th 1 4pm

Hales Corners, October 26th 4 7pm

Kansasville, October 31st 6 – 8pm

Kenosha, October 31st 5 8pm

Lyons, October 31st 4 7pm

Mt. Pleasant, October 31st 5 7pm

Mukwonago, October 26th 4 6pm

Muskego, October 31st 6 8pm

New Berlin, October 26th 4 7pm

North Bay, October 31st 5 7pm

Norway, October 31st 5 7pm

Oak Creek, October 26th 4 6pm

Paddock Lake, October 31st 4 7pm

Pleasant Prairie, October 26th 3 6pm

Racine, October 31st 5 8pm

Randall, October 31st 4 7pm

Raymond, October 31st 6 8pm

Rochester, November 2nd 2 5pm

Salem, October 31st 4 7pm

Silver Lake, October 31st 4 7pm

Somers, October 31st 5 8pm

South Milwaukee, October 31st 5:30 7:30pm

St. Francis, October 26th 4 6pm

Sturtevant, October 31st 5 7pm

Twin Lakes, October 31st 4 7pm

Union Grove, October 31st 5 7pm

Vernon, October 26th 24pm

Waterford (Town of), October 31st 5 7:30pm

Waterford (Village of), October 31st 5:30 7pm

Wheatland, October 26th 2 5pm

Wind Point, October 31st 5 8pm

Yorkville, October 31st 5 7:00pm



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