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Raiden pic 1

Raiden. Pre-diagnosis

Raiden’s Battle
Written by JAK guest mom blogger from
Turtle WI, Sara Smith

About 600 children each year are diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, the most common solid tumor cancer in children. Nearly 70% of those children will be at a stage four at time of diagnosis. This year my three year old nephew Raiden, from Salem, was one of them.


Neuroblastoma is a highly misdiagnosed cancer in the early days. As with most children in his shoes Raiden was having tummy pain and eventually swelling in his abdomen and limbs making it difficult for him to walk. It took months of emergency room visits and being told it was just constipation for them to be directed up to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee and get a correct diagnosis. His doctors say they only see 4 cases of this a year and are hopeful for a good outcome, even though one child with neuroblastoma dies every 16 hours. Read more…


Raiden pic 2

Raiden with port well. Abdomen swollen post drainage of fluids.

Raiden is also a big brother. Odin is not even a year and a half old yet and his young family has fallen under a great financial burden. My brother is working here and there when they are away from the hospital and things are well at home, and the boys’ mom has quit both of her jobs. Raiden has gone through several rounds of chemo since his diagnosis in October and shortly after Christmas he will be undergoing a huge 12-16 hour surgery to remove as much of the mass as possible. After the surgery there is radiation, stem cell and bone marrow infusions all as further care. This will mean even more time out of work.


Raiden feeling “better” post chemo rounds.

Raiden feeling “better” post chemo rounds.

In light of these massive costs and deficits the family is experiencing we are planning a benefit for March 7th at the VFW in Kenosha, WI. We will have food, live music, raffles and silent auctions all to help support the family. We are seeking donations if anyone has it in their heart to give to our cause, either an item or service from a business you own or if there is a gift you would like to buy for us to use for the raffles or silent auctions all the efforts are much appreciated!  If you would like to buy tickets to come out and show your love that is also greatly needed.


Raiden being silly while hanging out at the hospital.

Raiden being silly while hanging out at the hospital.

You can follow more about Raidens battle on his facebook page www.facebook.com/raidensbattle. For tickets, donation information or questions you can contact Sara Smith at sarasmith0704@gmail.com or (262) 496-3577. You can also go to any US Bank and make a donation for the family by making a deposit into the Raiden Kautenburg benefit account.


Thank you all for your time and any thoughts/ prayers you can offer our family!


Sara Smith, Raiden’s aunt.


About Sara: Formerly from Kenosha County, Sara is a married, stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of three children.

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