Baby Love

Been There, Done That   
by Just Add Kids Founder, Paula Herrmann

“Last of”, once again.


Alas, it’s the last of my four kids to make his way through elementary school. So here we are wrapping up our “Fifth Grade Take Your Parents to Lunch” yesterday. Next year, I suppose depending on where he goes to school, they probably won’t have a “take your parent to lunch day” and if they did, would he even want me to come?


I’m still hanging on the fact that this one, at age 11, still looks forward to seeing his mom come to school. He’s open to giving me a welcoming hug in public.


Things could be different, he is my only son, and boys are suppose to be different, right? Read more…


It is said (by whom?) moms and sons have a unique relationship and I believe that to be true. Not that my relationships with my older three girls; now 20, 18, and 12 are bad; they too are unique. I’ve been thru (still dealing with) the teen girl adolescent phase. Man, I won’t be out of that for what? Another 6 years… yikes! This transition with my son so far seems to be meeting me/us with far less drama.


I also believe I had higher expectations from my girls. Is it because they are girls? And because we are of the same gender, I feel like they should be cut from the same cloth as I? (I have pretty high expectations for myself). Or perhaps I’m just worn down now with baby #4? Does it even matter, really? Just doing a self-assessment here. He’s turned out to be a pretty great kid, thus far. I have no doubt he’ll continue on that track.


So while I’ve been there/done that, this journey with my son is a bit different. I’m taking it all in and enjoying the ride. A bit melancholy.


We’ll see how we (I) fare through the next couple of months, last months, of elementary school. Then it’s on to middle school for another journey. My last journey there.


For the time being…I’m just gonna go love “my baby”. Time to tuck him in bed, a ritual I still do with all of my “babies” (at least the ones that are still at home).  Another good night. Been there/done that and will continue to do that for as long as they’ll take that.


On that note…




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