50 Shades

Of THE CLOUD (A Love Story, of Sorts)heart cloud
by Just Add Kids Founder, Paula Herrmann

Okay, so you have to promise me, if you know me and my family, you say NOTHING!

We are a modest type of family. Pretty square, I’d say. But, I just can’t keep this one to myself, friends. As always, when I disclose the family secrets, there is a lesson to be learned.

So here goes. Last week. I betcha it was exactly a week ago when I was working on deadline, on a Thursday on this newsletter. I work from home, right? Kids all off to school, and I’m hard at it .

My husband, AKA Hottie Boy, descends from the upstairs sportin’ his red thermals. Read more…

I believe he was on his way down to the laundry room to get some work clothes out of the dryer when he decides to strut his stuff in front of me. Okay, ya know, Valentine’s Day is in the air just a few days off.  It’s totally appropriate. (And kinda funny). Only I had A LOT to do that day and my schedule was tight.

Needless to say, HB kept up his antics and decided to moon me. I’m like…”really?” “Go and get ready for work”, eye balls a rollin’, but appreciating his silliness. There’s a time and a place, my friend, and right now is NOT the time. Go, pesky, husband! He doesn’t. Fine, I’m gonna take a picture of your butt. So I did. I show it to him, and we laugh. Playtime is over. Mom (me) deletes the picture.

That brings us to Tuesday, a couple of days ago. My 12 year old daughter asks me why I took a picture of “M”, my 11 year old’s butt. I think for a minute….Oh my gosh. Hello?! She was on my iPad. Guess what? Hubs’s butt went to THE Cloud. The iCloud. Nice.

She knows her dad. He’s silly. “He mooned me”, I tell her, and I made him go away by taking a snap of his rear. She’s only a bit disgusted.

Hubs gets home from work and I tell him the story. “Remember last week…?” Of course, we’re a bit like “Yikes!”. I mean, I know my pictures go to THE Cloud. I guess I just wasn’t thinking it through when I deleted it off my phone…I forgot about THE Cloud and that my kiddos jump on my iPad, a lot. But, we have a chuckle. The man is 50, after all, and apparently can get away with someone mistaking his bum for an 11 year olds, right? (Can’t say that for mine! LOL.)

So why did I tell you this story? Well, for one, momma…don’t forget about your (THE) Cloud! Not all pics are for the general public, or really, who REALLY knows what and where THE freaking Cloud is. I don’t. (Fool? Perhaps.)

…and we think our kids are reckless with all of the technology at their hands. Um, and they are. And apparently, so are we.

Secondly, (the second reason I tell you this tale), the blog post that was scheduled for today somehow fell thru, and I had to pull something out of the air, or outta my a**. Guess I accomplished both, eh?

Now, remember…shhhhhh!





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