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Fields of Play

Start the Fall Sports Season WFH_All Saints 2Cstk_Co (2)
on the Right Foot
Sponsored by
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare- All Saints

Contributed by
Jessica Geisler, M
Midwest Orthopedic Sports Medicine at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – All Saints

Most sports injuries in children happen from overuse and can be prevented with proper preparation, appropriate training, the right equipment, and common sense.

Factors to consider if your child plays recreational or club sports:

  • Perform proper warm-up and cool-down routines. All athletes need to stretch their muscles to release tension and prevent injury before and after playing sports.
  • Hydrate adequately to maintain health and minimize cramps. Kids often forget to drink water while playing sports. Muscles need hydration to work properly and avoid cramps. Your child should take water breaks every 30 minutes or more.
  • Have your child wear properly sized equipment. Check it weekly to make sure it still fits to avoid injury.
  • Get instruction on proper technique. Coaches and trainers are there to teach proper technique to avoid injuries.
  • Increase training gradually. Remember the 10 percent rule and do not increase training activity, weight, mileage, or pace by more than 10 percent per week. This allows your child’s body time to recover.

Safety Gear & Equipment
Safety gear should be sport-specific and may include such items as:

  • Eye protection
  • Appropriate pads, guards, and cups
  • Proper fitting shoes
  • Helmets

Physical TherapyPhysical Checkup
To make sure your child is physically fit to participate in a particular sport, your child’s doctor should conduct a sports physical. These physicals can reveal your child’s physical strengths and weaknesses and help determine which sports are appropriate. Most sports physicals for children include a health examination that measures height, weight, and vital signs, as well as check eyes, nose, ears, chest, and abdomen. In addition, your child’s doctor may perform an orthopedic examination to check joints, bones, and muscles.

If your child is in need of a physical to participate in high school sports, Midwest Orthopedic Sports Medicine at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – All Saints has several clinics available beginning in July.

The physical will include:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Vision
  • Blood pressure
  • Exam by a sports medicine physician
  • Musculoskeletal screening (performed by Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists)

Cost is $25 (not billable to insurance).

Please note: This evaluation only fulfills physical examination requirements for WIAA sports and is not a substitute for your child’s complete preventive health assessments, which may include blood work and immunizations. To find a primary care doctor, visit

More information about dates, times, locations, registration, and payment, can be found online at







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Clean Play. Screen Play. Let’s Play…

JAK Chat blog by Amanda DeSonia 6.18.2015 (2)Slay the Summer Chores
and Set Down the Screens!
by guest mom blogger from Racine,
Amanda DeSonia

We could talk all day about the things we are slacking on or failing at as Mothers.

Let’s not.

We have made it just 6 days into Summer Vacation and already I am watching my kids slip away into screen oblivion. It’s not always their fault, really. Sometimes I just ENJOY the solitude and quiet that comes with kids who enter the vegetative state of passive ipad and Netflix watching. There. I said it.

JAK Chat blog by Amanda DeSonia 6.18.2015 pic 2Then comes the challenge of chores. I’m pretty sure I was helping more around the house at my daughters’ ages. I almost would bet money on it because I remember many years of eye-rolling and sighing when I was given chores. I also went through a phase where I called myself “Manderella” because I felt like the over-worked, unappreciated daughter. I didn’t have any ugly step-sisters, just one biological one who was awesome at avoiding chores by playing the diarrhea card.

This week I stained and glued and laminated and labeled. Traditional chore charts have never worked for us and I know I needed something obvious, flexible, and creative. I think I saved the labels. I am happy to share them if anyone wants them!

So finally, this is our new system, and it’s just as much for me as it is for them. I need the visual reminder to have them help just as much as they do.

DeSonias Do Daily

1. Do get  yourself ready for the day! Eat, dressed, hair, teeth!

2. Do Chores: (Each child has 4 laminated chores that are age appropriate. I pick 3, they can choose 1. These go up every morning and change based on what needs doing.)

2. Do Stay Well-Rounded.  (Each child must pick one from each category: Mental/Physical/Social activity per day to engage in. These are just ideas, I hope it will inspire them to come up with their own activities.)

JAK Chat blog by Amanda DeSonia 6.18.2015 pic 3

3. Do put your finished chores and Well Rounded Work Cards  in the galvanized envelope on the wall.

4. Do ask for technology but only after you have completed your Chores and your Well Rounded Work. You are allotted 1 hour of screen time. You can divide your time up between TV and iPad if you choose.

Following through with this program will take commitment from me. We are SO lucky to have an amazing Montessori Teacher/Family Support Professional (She’s way more than a sitter or a nanny) who will help us stay on track this summer. Long after the shiny new appeal of the lamination has worn off I hope I have a better handle on how to run a home with more help from my kids.

Here is where I will ask you fellow Moms for advice. I really want my kids to learn that being part of a family means work. Everyone has to pitch in so we can ALL “Clean Less and Live More!  I also want my kids to learn how to manage some of their own money. My idea is to add extra chores on to their clips and offer an allowance based on those “extra” and voluntary chores. These would be above and beyond and not mandatory. How would you suggest I do this? Pay a set amount per chore? Any other ideas from the field on chores, no allowance or allowance, and what has worked for you and your family? Please comment and share!

*All of my kids have their own Norwex Kids products (Enviro/Window/Dusting Mitt) to use so they can clean the healthy, fast, and safe way we believe in! They know how to use it, care for it and to hang it up after their are done using it!

About our guest blogger:

Amanda DeSonia pic for blogAmanda DeSonia lives in Racine with her husband and three children, Maren, 10, Violet, 7 and Henry 4. Former stay at home Mom turned direct sales/party plan expert, she uses her passion for healthy and eco friendly living to educate families on the benefits of living a low-toxic lifestyle. Amanda can be found spending her free time exploring Milwaukee restaurants and loves all things social media, NPR, writing and reading, wine and travel.

Additionally, if you are looking for some guidance on AGE-APPROPRIATE CHORES FOR KIDS. JAK grabbed this off of a friend’s Facebook page (with permission, of course!). Thank you, Lindsey Knapp, another JAK Chat mom blogger/contributor.

Age-appropriate chores





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Be Cool

In A Pool, At the Beach… Christi and Max on the beach
Summer Cool. All Within Reach!
by Just Add Kids Founder, Paula Herrmann


And while we’ve just had a tease of summer-like weather, you know it’ll only be a matter of days that the balminess of the season will be upon us. I. CANNOT. WAIT!! Bring on the upper 70’s/low 80’s. Okay, so that’s my comfort zone! Read more…

Here at Just Add Kids, we’re sharing with you this timely compiled list of water fun destinations by county…

Kenosha County:

Anderson Park Swimming Pool (located at 8730 – 22nd Avenue in Kenosha) has two pools with a tot pool with small children’s slide, 2 water slides, all ages splash pad, and a diving board. Lockers, lounge chairs and umbrella tables are available.  Life guard on duty.  Fee for entrance.

Washington Park Swimming Pool (located at 1821 Washington Road in Kenosha) is a zero-depth entrance pool with interactive water features, 3 waterslides, and a diving board.  Lounge chairs and umbrella tables are available.  Life guard on duty.  Fee for entrance.

Alford Park Beach (waterfront of Lake Michigan located at 2901 Alford Drive in Kenosha) this beach offers a picnic area. No life guard on duty.

Eichelman Beach (waterfront of Lake Michigan located at 6125 – 3rd Avenue in Kenosha)

Pennoyer Park (waterfront of Lake Michigan located at 3507 – 7th Avenue in Kenosha)

Simmons Island Park (waterfront of Lake Michigan located at 5001 Simmons Island in Kenosha)

Southport Park (waterfront of Lake Michigan located at  7825 – 1st Avenue in Kenosha)

Lake Andrea Beach (located inside Prairie Springs Park 9900 Terwall Terrrace, Pleasant Prairie) offers swimming, windsurfing, fishing, sailing and boating in the water, and children’s playground, sand volleyball courts, and restrooms. Fee charged for admission. Open daily during summer season from 10am-7pm.

Old Settlers Park (sandy beach on Paddock Lake located at 24100 75th Street in Salem) provides lifeguards on duty, shaded picnic and lawn area, shelter building, bathhouse and restrooms, and playground equipment. Fee charged during summer beach season from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Silver Lake Park (located at 27000 85th Street in Silver Lake) boasts a sandy beach, sand volleyball courts, picnic areas and shelters, bathhouse, concession stand, lakeside playground equipment, and windsurfing area. Hours are 7am-10pm. Fee charged during summer beach season from Memorial Day through Labor Day while lifeguards are on duty.

Richard Bong State Recreation Area (located 9 miles west of I-94 on Hwy. 142 at 26313 Burlington Road, Kansasville) has a swimming beach available with a changing area, picnic tables and a flush toilet. No lifeguard on duty.  The beach opens in early May to mid-September, weather permitting.  When it is open, the swimming hours are 6am-11pm. State park admission fee applies.

Christiane and Max waterpark

Racine County:

North Beach (waterfront of Lake Michigan at 89 Kewaunee Street in Racine) features a deep sandy shoreline with beach open to the public for swimming, fishing, picnics and a host of other activities. North Beach has a hard plastic walkway for strollers, wheelchairs and coolers;  volleyball nets; a bath house and restrooms;  bike/walk path;  The Beachside Oasis concessions and seating area; adjacent Kids Cove Playground; and almost forgot…palm trees! Lifeguards are on duty daily from 10am – 6pm from the first week in June through the first week in September.

Zoo Beach (waterfront north of North Beach at Goold Street and Michigan Boulevard in Racine) is wheelchair accessible and has a lifeguarded swimming area from 10am – 5:30pm.

Quarry Lake Park (located at 3800 Northwestern Avenue in Racine) offers a bath house, picnic area, and scuba diving.

Fischer Park on Browns Lake (located at 30326 Durand Avenue, Highway 11 in Burlington) has a lifeguarded swimming area, and is also the site of the Aquaducks waterski team shows which runs most Thursdays and Saturday nights from late May through August.

Anthony Herrmann at the beach

(Southern) Milwaukee County:

Bender Park Beach (waterfront of Lake Michigan located at 4503 E. Ryan Road in Oak Creek)

Grant Park Beach (waterfront of Lake Michigan located at S. Hawthorne Avenue in South Milwaukee) offers a sand beach with volleyball courts, restroom facilities, pavilion with food and beverage as well as beach cabana rentals.

South Shore Beach (waterfront of Lake Michigan located at 2900 S. Superior Street in Milwaukee) with wheelchair-accessible restrooms and concessions in the pavilion.

Pelican Cove Family Water Park (located in Kosciuszko Park, 2201 S. 7th Street, Milwaukee) boasts giant and kid-sized waterslides, spraying and splashing interactive toys, adjacent to picnic areas.  Admission rate $3.00 and under.

more options listed here.

(Southern) Waukesha County Destinations:

Muskego Park (located at S83 W20370 Janesville Road in Muskego) Lifeguarded beach open 11am – 7pm daily.

Mukwonago Park (located at S100 W31900 County Hwy O in Mukwonago) Lifeguarded beach open 11am – 7pm daily.

Hope you find yourself and yours diving into some splashtastic fun soon! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the heat to turn up (and not just here or there for a day)!

If you know of other public outdoor swimming destinations in the area, please help Just Add Kids help other families and let us know. Post here in the comments, or email us at

Have a blast!

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