Higher Expectations

Find Out What IT Means to Me!Grams and Max May 2015 (2)
by Just Add Kids Founder,
Paula Herrmann

“Look your grandfather in the eye when he’s talking to you” is something I find myself reminding my son, time and again.

My kids don’t have a rebellious nature, so thankfully even after reminded direction and correction, they typically oblige (maybe with an eyeball roll or shoulder drop).

Kids are kids and they only learn what they are taught. And I, as their mother, am the most important teacher. Read more…

I am grateful I had a good upbringing. I know that my parents instilled in me to strive to be excellent, have integrity, and be respectful.

What does it mean to “strive to be excellent”? It doesn’t mean pounding the crap out of someone to win the game, or having the standard of perfection. Making an effort use your individual God-given talents, abilities, and skills in the best way possible by giving that little extra. Being “excellent” is a way of thinking/feeling and your approach to situations. Not a one of my kids is like the other, their strive for excellence is as individual as they are, and it’s noticeable.

What do I have to say about integrity? I don’t know who authored this, but the quote “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking” is where I’m coming from. What do you do if you run across a backpack someone forgot in the gym that has an iPhone, some cash, and some awesome jewelry? You fling the car door open and it makes a visible dent? How do you handle that situation? Or in other cases, you are in clear sight of others. Someone walking in front of you drops a box they’re carrying and the contents fall all over the place. Do you acknowledge it and assist in the pick up? Or do you walk by? Living with intentional integrity is powerful. It makes for a better world in a subtle way.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Have respect for others. Respect adults. Respect teachers. Respect differences of opinions. Respect other’s beliefs and traditions. Respect authority. Have respect for yourself.

Actions speak louder than wordsNow, did my parents sit me down and say, “Listen Paula, you have to be excellent, have integrity, and be respectful because blah blah blah”  and expect me to just do it because they said so. Of course not! They lived, acted, behaved, responded, and honestly demonstrated. It was/is their way of life. I believe it is the way their parents taught them to be, again, not necessarily just by words, but by example.

So as I direct my kids to look into the eyes of the person they are communicating with, I had better be doing it, too. Here goes…I’m all eyes, have you got something to add or wanna get in on the conversation?

eyes lashes eyes opened

Yes, those are the fiber lashes. And no, I don’t sell them. I can hook you up, though!

Comments welcomed.
What virtues, morals, standards are important for you to teach your children?
My eyes are on YOU! And GO! ==>


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