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4 BTS: What She Said!Sozo 4
by Just Add Kids Founder,
Paula Herrmann

Where’d ya go, summer?  That’s what’s probably top of mind with the majority of us moms here in SE Wisconsin, prompted in part, by the cloudy skies and cool breezes of the week. Yet, for a large number of us it’s all about BTS (Back to School!). My head spins as in my typical fashion, I’m just starting to prepare and wrap my head around the fact that our family schedule is going to dramatically change, starting Monday evening, August 31st. Hello! That’s only 4 days away.

I know there’s a nice chunk of you that are already in the mode as your kiddos have started their 2015-16 school year. How’s it going?! Surviving the transition? Read more…

Thank goodness for friends and social media to set me (and a plethora of others) straight on the path ahead.  Here are 4 timely pieces of advice, compliments of Mary!

Back to school reminders Mary Pucci“Back to school reminders for me (repeat 10 times), but posted publicly for my RUSD friends…:-)

1) The kids don’t need every school supply the first day! If your child has a notebook/folder for each class and some pens/pencils, it will be sufficient for the first week. Also, all of the extra supplies requested (copy paper, wipes, tissues, paper towels, ziplocs etc) can be brought in when the stash is running low. Send a note to your child’s teacher that you are happy to send that stuff midway through the year (but don’t forget!). She/he most likely has limited storage anyway…

2) The first couple of weeks of school will still be summer weather! Most schools are hot because of no air conditioning. Your kids don’t need brand spankin’ new fall clothes on the first day of school. Have them continue to wear their summer stuff until the weather changes! The fall stuff goes on sale in a couple of weeks. (I get that some kids want a little something new for the first day of school, but does it have to be a full price item? Get them a clearance priced summer item… ).

3) Breathe… the kids sense our stress. Back to school time should be fun and exciting. Focus on things they can look forward to, not everything we *have to do* beforehand.

4) But, DO get back on school sleeping schedule stat. Kids will have a rude awakening if they are dealing with a 3 or more hour swing… 🙂

Sending y’all a Back to School hug xo”

Do I sense a serious sigh?

Any other words of wisdom?

Well, I’m breathing easier and am grateful that our first two weeks of the new school year will allow for an easier transition with back to back 4 day weeks (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) and off on Monday. Ahhhhh.Annabel's first day of school pic tilted

What a treat it is also, seeing the “First Day of School” pics, and in more recent years, the creative approach to memorializing this annual milestone. Say “Cheese”,  kiddos. Look happy!

I’d like to share with you a collection of picture ideas. Check out Just Add Kids “Back-to-School” ‪#‎Pinterest‬ Board for some great “First Day of School” picture ideas!



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