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Wise-Ing Up on My Role

Artwok designed by Doucette Designs. Made by Case-Mat in Norcross, GA. Sold by Zazzle.

Artwork designed by Doucette Designs. Made by Case-Mat in Norcross, GA. Sold by Zazzle.

Written by Just Add Kids Founder,
Paula Herrmann

Creative people. Are you one?

For some of us with right brain tendencies, we tend to think in images rather than words. We focus on the big picture rather than the details. Right-brainers go through life in a somewhat flyin-by-the-seat-of-our-pants manner. As long as we ain’t hurtin’ anybody (other than sometimes ourselves!) I’d say we’re pretty okay.

Righties are visually oriented. And when I ran across this meme on Facebook, it totally resonated with me. You RB types will totally crack up…

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personal facebook pic

Yah, that’s me. Hand raised. All in. I’m fessin’ up.

If you recall in last week’s blog, “Speaking the Language: M.O.M., M.O.A., D.O.A., L.O.L.” I let you in on me putting some skin into, and playing a role in doing what I can do as a mom, a community partner and player in fighting human trafficking, as part of the Racine Coalition Against Human Trafficking. I said, and I quote: “I am going to become that expert that can share and empower others parents/children/interested parties) on social media awareness and prowess so as to eradicate the victimization of our community’s children in the human sex trafficking trade.” Guys and gals. I do believe I have jumped the gun here. My heart is right, yet that goal is hefty, especially as I put it out there that I was to be an “expert”. As much as I want and NEED to know as a mother of a 13 year old daughter and 11 year old son, my best advice to myself (and others) is to become my kiddos’ phone’s/DS’s BFF and communicate with them in love. Remember, you are their parent and their safety is your business. While I am still on a mission to be a great resource to you, my Just Add Kids loyal audience, I will share what I learn/experience/come across. Will I be an expert? As a mom, I am always in training. I will strive to do my best.

Perhaps it was a just a year ago where I started hearing all of the buzz about human trafficking domestically, and right here in our own community. Sure, I knew it was a problem in so-called third world countries. Boy was I wrong, and events of this last week in the state and nationwide validates that indeed, we DO have active human trafficking taking place right here.  The Greater Racine Human Trafficking Task Force participated in Operation Cross Country IX from October 7th through the 9th. Operation Cross Country, led by the FBI, is a coordinated nationwide law enforcement effort focused on the recovery of victims of human sex trafficking.

The Greater Racine Human Trafficking Task Force partnered with numerous area jurisdictions to address sex trafficking throughout Racine and Kenosha Counties. As a result, 20 women were recovered and investigations have begun into the activities of several individuals suspected of exploiting women and girls.

So in my effort to keep you, the people | the parents, informed and hopefully a step ahead so that your children or loved one does not fall victim to this heinous industry, let’s turn to an expert. Assistant professor in Baylor University’s Diana R. Garland School of Social Work Elizabeth Goatley, Ph D.’s offers:

5 Signs or Red Flags that show your child may be at risk for human trafficking:

1. You notice a change in your child’s communication patterns and physical appearance.
2. Your child will not allow you to access his or her technology.
3. Your child has a second cellphone and/or multiple accounts on social media.
4. Your child is exhibiting chronic runaway behaviors.
5. Your child has a new boyfriend – particularly an older one.

Read the full article here:
Is Your Child At Risk To Be Recruited For Human Trafficking? Know the Signs, Expert Says

I had mentioned the upcoming speaker and resource fair in last week’s blog post. Below is a flier, if you wish to read more or copy and share.

Marian Hatcher final event flyer-page-0 (2)


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