Traditional Holidays!

herrmann family over the river

Over the river and through the woods. 2014

Celebrating Family Holiday Traditions
by Just Add Kids Founder
Paula Herrmann

We, the Herrmanns, are looped into the same old same old Christmas routine, year after year. And I LOVE IT! And I do believe my kiddos do too. As they’ve gotten older, they’ve bought into the nostalgia of the season and embrace the holiday routine. We may be a bit boring, but, hey it’s been 20 years in the making. Though some traditions have come and gone. I’ll take this same old, same old. And I never want it to change. I dread the year that it will. Yet, it will.  And it’ll be interesting to see how that all evolves. Family traditions bind a family in love and create amazing family memories.

Recently, I ran across this family who has created a their 4th annual Christmas dance video (in their mom’s really ugly holiday sweaters, lol). Check it out ==> Read more…

Family Dance Video card

[click here for video]

It’s interesting to see what different families do as part of their annual holiday celebrations.  And if you looking for a new tradition or two that will help your family get in the holiday spirit and create lasting memories together, check out these ideas, including some of our family’s favs:

 Give your kids a set of cozy winter pajamas every Christmas Eve.
 Hang gift bags or small stockings on your neighbors’ doorknobs.
 Put your kids on decorating duty! Give them Popsicle sticks, cotton balls, glue, paint, etc. and have them make festive crafts to display around the house. (My 13 year old, has been the annual tree decorator. She even helps grandma and her aunt with theirs!)
 Give each child a unique ornament every Christmas Day. (We’ve started a collection of Dept56 Snow Villages for each of our kiddos. Just like their mommy has, for when they are out on their own.)
 Pick your favorite holiday movie and cozy up to it with hot cider and popcorn each year. (This year, we’re doing a StarWars movie marathon throughout break! Then we’ll go to the theater for StarWars VII)
 Go see the lights. Drive around your city or a nearby town and drink in the glowing festivity. (Um, you know we do that! Here’s the list of where to go peeps Just Add Kids Holiday Tour of Lights)
 Make a memory book by recording each member’s favorite part of the season (in pictures or words) and keep it for future enjoyment.
 Feed the neighborhood birds by throwing pine cones and strings of popcorn covered in peanut butter and bird seed into the tree branches.
 Have a gingerbread making party or contest!
 Leave a bowl of reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter) in your front yard on Christmas Eve. (Don’t forget to remind Santa to tip the bowl over and scatter the food when he comes!)
 Ask each family member to make a card for everyone in your immediate family and place them on the tree on Christmas Eve to open before gifts in the morning.
Start a Charity Box/Jar that you keep in the kitchen or other frequently used part of the house. Throughout the year, drop cash and loose change in it. Come the holidays, collaborate with the family and decide on something worthy of its contents.
 Initiate a house decorating contest in your neighborhood. (It might be a bit late for this year. How ’bout next year?!)
 Start a Christmas puzzle together at the beginning of the season and work on it a little bit at a time to decompress through the holidays. (Yes, this is surprisingly fun. For kiddos and adults of all ages.)
 Decorate a holiday themed dish at a local paint your own pottery with your family and add to the set every year. (Off to Alpaca Arts!)
 Host a cookie swap.
 Whether it’s cinnamon buns, sourdough bread with butter, or an egg-sausage casserole, have a special, consistent breakfast on Christmas morning or a few different choices throughout Hanukkah. (We call it “special breakfast” and our’s is typically french toast, bacon, fresh fruit, orange juice and coffee. I can smell it right now!)

You are likely in the early years of family holiday traditions. Wherever on the spectrum you are, live in the moment and enjoy!

Merry! Merry! Happy! Happy!

idea source: SignUpGenious

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