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Fun Stuff, Right?

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Parenting Hacks and Bad Advice from 
The World’s Most Okayest Mom
by Just Add Kids
guest mom blogger,

Kaia Beyer of Union Grove

When my first baby was about three years old, I told him that sesame seeds were actually “muscles dots”.  I can clearly remember him unwrapping his cheeseburger from Burger King, and gasping, “What are those?? I can’t eat this!” That’s when, like a gift from above, it came to me: “Oh, Those! Those are special.  They are muscle dots.  If you eat them, you will grow gigantic muscles!  I’m surprised they even gave them to a kid! You are so lucky.  Now, eat it and see what happens!”  It was brilliant. One of my finer parenting moments, and it stuck- twelve years later, we still call them muscle dots.

It got me thinking about all of the Mom Hacks (some of which may be teeny, tiny white lies) that I’ve discovered over the years that have made my life as a mom slightly easier.  Read more…

Here are ten of my personal faves:

  1.  “You won’t believe this! Your Halloween candy all melted into a giant clump on top of the refrigerator! I couldn’t believe it either! I’m so sorry. I had to throw the whole thing into the garbage.”  (Garbage=The second drawer of the dresser in my bedroom.)12189895_10207709845009901_6395739984730111110_n.jpg
  2. “Your brain will turn to mush if you play any more video games.  Come here! (Place hands on sides of child’s head.)  Oh, my gosh!! It’s already happening!!  Yep… right here- things are getting squishy.  You need to stop immediately and let things heal. You’re actually really lucky it’s not worse.  Now go outside and play.”
  3. If you have a teenager, you may relate to this next one.  It drives me crazy when they steal my soda.  I have tried to hide it in the way back of the fridge or in the trunk of my car, but, inevitably, the soda bloodhounds always seem to sniff it out.  I find empty cans hidden in the couches and under the beds, and, when I do, I turn into the girl version of The Incredible Hulk.  One day, I finally had it with the little crooks!  The solution: La Croix Sparking Water.  Kids hate the stuff!  It’s amazing!  Target also has a brand- Simply Balanced, that is quite refreshing, if I don’t say so myself.  Here’s another tip:  If you want to sweeten your sparkling water up a little, add a few drops of MiO Liquid Water Enhancer flavor (or whatever other brand you like.)
  4. My most recent little fib: “Don’t eat that! It’s the old grease from last night’s ground beef!” When, in reality, it was butterscotch pudding that I saved all for myself.12507698_10208247783738033_6732881387297223192_n.jpg
  5. GFS makes pre-cut frozen sugar cookies, appropriate for every season.  This makes me, and everyone else around here, extremely happy all year round.  I just love that Gordon.  He helps me out a lot.  #GordanForPresident
  6. To avoid the endless fights with the big kids over who gets “shotgun” in the minivan, we have a monthly rotation for the front seat.  It’s kind of fun to look over on the first of the month, and say, “Hey.  Welcome back.”  The only time we compromise on the rotation is for birthdays.  When it’s your birthday, we gonna party like it’s yo birthday, and you automatically get the front.
  7. Ok, so this one isn’t so much of a hack, but rather, a piece of advice that I wanted to share with all the first timers out there:  Do NOT buy harmonicas.  I know they seem like great souvenirs when you’re at the airport gift shop, desperately searching for something to bring back for the kids.  Sometimes the harmonicas even come with cute little “how to” instruction books.  You may even start to daydream about your kid walking around the house, expertly busting out Tom Petty songs.  But, trust me on this one, about two minutes after you give them the harmonica, you will have wished you went with the pen that can change back an forth between four different ink colors.
  8. Scarves.  They are a great disguise.  If you throw on a scarf, a jacket, and a pair of sunglasses, no one will ever know if you are dropping your kid off in the morning barefoot and in a bathrobe.
  9. Ring Pops. If you have a bunch of kids, the little ones are most likely dragged to many of their older sibling’s sporting events. Ring Pops can last up to an entire first half of a basketball game, and can easily be stored in the bottom of a purse. Don’t ever leave home without them.
  10. Last, but not least, when all of your “hacks” majorly fail, and your children beat you at your own game (like the gremlins sneaking into my office right now, thinking I don’t notice them stealing handfuls out of my “secret” stash of candy under the desk), just smile and know they learned from the best.  Just as you did.7295333a09ce9dcc72b5b0f48621394b.jpg

About our blogger: Kaia Beyer is a married mom of six from Union Grove. This blog was originally posted in her blog: and is used with permission.


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Take Note!

In Memoriam
by Just Add Kids Founder, sad with teardrop
Paula Herrmann


It seems like in recent weeks, we’ve lost some very notable people. David Bowie, Glen Frey, and my friend Paul.

Wait! You didn’t know Paul? Had it not been for his untimely death, you likely would have. But then again, you may have been touched by his creative work and did not even know it. An amazing artist, born and raised right here in Kenosha, who had a vision to bring his talents and creativity (back) to you…parents and kids in southeastern Wisconsin and beyond!  Read more…

Some people just make an impression on you from the get go. A cute, young family in church that is so well put together.  A Dad, a mom, a little girl, and toddler boy. Pretty ideal by our American standards! Collectively and individually they’re able to light up the room. You know those folks.

Dateline: April 5, 2014, we’re at Case High School, it’s the 5th Annual Just Add Kids EXPO! Paul tracks me down at the event singing the praises of the production, the number of people, the attentiveness of the audience, as he is part of the team interacting at our church’s exhibitor booth. “I’ve got an idea!” Well, my friend…, I was all ears. And the vision that he created for a future event would blow ya’ll away.  As the 2015 event approached, things were close, but not quite ready to have the trigger pulled. Dang! But, if you’re familiar the the expo, you know last year was a bit unique. Three words: Case. Field. House. Still awesome, though, right?

As we looked to turn the corner on 2016, Paul really had no idea the plans I had for him. I gave him a hint only 2 1/2 weeks ago. My famous last words: “We’ve gotta talk…”

Paul Nunn 2

Because his work is copyrighted, I respectfully link you to his website. You can click on the book above. Be prepared to be amazed!

Paul’s unexpected, untimely death has shockingly left a big void in so many peoples’ lives. Only 41 years old, he was an illustrator who had achieved amazing success, yet humble and approachable as all get out. Gone without warning. When I reflect and take a look at his life, creative work and career, I can’t even believe the brush with fame I had by knowing him. Knowing he actually cared and was excited about my business, and oh my goodness, wanted to collaborate…honored. Blessed!

There’s a reason for everyone’s life and death. We’re celebrating. We’re mourning. I cannot even imagine those intimately close to him are feeling. I’m in pain for me (selfishly) and them (heartfelt).

I share this with you as I use this blog to sometimes document my life experiences and thoughts. What’s my take away? It’s the same message that I offer in many of my entries…

“Make the most of every moment. Time is precious.”
We are not guaranteed our next breath.
Casey & Friends is a Case IH produced series of books, games, and activities that introduce children to the world of modern farming. Casey the farmer – along with her friends Tillus the techie earthworm, Big Red the adventurous tractor, and a team of Case IH equipment characters – teach children about modern farming practices and equipment. In the course of having fun, the Casey & Friends series helps children to make thoughtful connections between what they’ve learned and their own experiences. So the next time they are taking a trip through the countryside, visiting a pumpkin patch, or shopping at the grocery store, children will better understand how farming works and why it is important.

Casey & Friends is a Case IH produced series of books, games, and activities that introduce children to the world of modern farming. Casey the farmer – along with her friends Tillus the techie earthworm, Big Red the adventurous tractor, and a team of Case IH equipment characters – teach children about modern farming practices and equipment. In the course of having fun, the Casey & Friends series helps children to make thoughtful connections between what they’ve learned and their own experiences. So the next time they are taking a trip through the countryside, visiting a pumpkin patch, or shopping at the grocery store, children will better understand how farming works and why it is important.


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Awareness Abound!

Awareness.January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month
by Just Add Kids Founder,
Paula Herrmann

Child Sex Trafficking. Just typing it almost makes me want to vomit.
The industry of human sex trafficking, up until only over a year ago, was a reality I thought was only known in third world countries. The United States? Heck no. SE Wisconsin? Yah, right. (snicker).

My eyes were opened upon a presentation and screening that I attended in which the subject dealt with the dangers of the internet as it relates to children (and the vulnerable). It’s a freaking scary world out “there” for our kiddos. I know. Mine had been lured.  Read more…

Exploit No More stats children Wisconsin 1.2016

Source: Exploit No More Facebook page

My kids. Not your typical high risk target, you’d think. Internet predators scour through chat rooms (your kid’s games/gaming devices have them) and social network sites looking for children.  They will build a relationship throughout a period of time, over the course of weeks and sometimes even months, until the child target feels that they can trust their new “friend”. What kiddo doesn’t want to hear praise about how well they play Minecraft or other game? What kid doesn’t want a friend that listens and agrees with them when they feel they are unjustly being disciplined by their parent?

More than ever, today’s kids are at risk, even from the comfort of their own family room couch. Thank goodness, my son’s creeper activity ended due to the insight of my then 10 year old son who felt uncomfortable with the ongoing communication. He cut him/her off. I only found out about it AFTER I was informed by the tactics I learned about at that presentation and opened up the dialog with my kids. This is what ignited my passion to not sit idle, but do what I can to become part of the solution. Luring via the internet is only one of the avenues that can lead to human trafficking, and we as parents and community, need to take heed.

So now you are aware. And what better of a month, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, to glean knowledge about the second most profitable industry (after drug trafficking). The statistics will astound you!

In light of this month, the Racine Coalition Against Human Trafficking is hosting a number of events in support of its work in Racine County.

As part of RCAHT’s Faith-Based Committee, I wish to highlight the vigil that will take place on Sunday, January 31, 2016 from 6 pm to 7:30 pm. We would like to take a moment to recognize those who have been or are being trafficked and shine a light into the darkness of this crime that affects 27 million people around the world, including our own community members. The event is FREE and open to the public and will include music, candlelight worship, and viewing of the short documentary Chosen produced by well-known human trafficking organization Shared Hope.

Both vigil locations will have a donation area for Faith, Hope, & Love that creates New Beginnings bags for children recovered from human trafficking. Donations needed: new blanket, stuffed animal, flashlight, journal, personal hygiene items, non-perishable snacks, $5 McDonalds Gift Cards, feminine products, water bottle, shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, undergarments, socks, and flip-flops.

The vigil will take place at the following two locations, simultaneously:

Downtown Racine:                                                    Near the Interstate:
Living Light Community Center                        Great Lakes Church
(Old YWCA)                                                               (New Location)
740 College Avenue, Racine                                 9605 Spring Street, Mt. Pleasant

RCAHT Human Trafficking Vigil 1.31.2016

Due to sensitive material, Chosen is recommended for ages 12 and up and we will be offering childcare by reservation only for ages 1-11 years old. Email to reserve childcare. Please send child’s name, age, allergy or other key information, parent or guardian attending vigil, contact number and what location they will be attending.

For more information about Shared Hope and Chosen, go to:

In addition to the vigil, the Coalition has other activities going in support of National Human Trafficking Awareness Month including a benefit concert on Jan 28 with Well-Known Strangers and Saturday Night Preachers and a major wine tasting and live jazz benefit on Feb 5th. For more information on all events go to

I hope you see your role in the fight against human trafficking and take action. It took awhile for it to click with me.

More about Racine Coalition Against Human Trafficking: RCAHT  is a network of local resources (law enforcement, shelters, health providers and other services) collaborating to increase communication among all providers, identify gaps in services for victims and prevent conditions that foster human trafficking in Racine County through education and outreach efforts. For more information contact us at, find us on Facebook, or contact Karri Hemmig at (262) 909-6612.


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No Ho-Hum Here!

Developing A New Normal   
Sponsored by Sozo Chiropractic 

It is always interesting to me what people define as “normal”. It is definitely a relative word and each person has their own perspective of what normal means in their lives.

One of my favorite things is to help people realize a new normal in their health. When doing an initial evaluation with a new patient, I will ask lots of questions of his or her current symptoms and health concerns. Many times people will refer to their pain or headaches as normal. From my perspective, headaches are not normal, back pain is not normal, leg pain is not normal, fatigue is not normal. The reason it is viewed as normal is because it has gone on for so long. There is a point when the pain or symptoms start to feel normal. People accept the pain and don’t know they can live a life free from that. Read more…

Are You Normal imageChiropractic care is such a great, safe and natural way to realize and embrace a new normal. You can live free from headaches and pain, and be full of life and energy. Depending on the situation it may be a longer process to get there, but it starts with realizing there is a possibility for a better normal.

My goal is to help people live life at their full potential. Chiropractic care is a big part of this. However, it is not the only part. Often there are lifestyle changes that need to accompany the chiropractic care to achieve the goal. To realize a new normal, you have to be willing to make the changes necessary to get there.

If you or someone you know has accepted a life full of discomfort and pain as the norm, I challenge you to start or recommend chiropractic care. From there you can incorporate the lifestyle changes necessary to find a new normal.

Live life to the fullest!
Sozo Chiropractic Dr DoniBeth headshot
Dr. DoniBeth Davis is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best in family wellness care. Her
office is located at 3720 72nd Avenue Kenosha, WI (on the corner of Hwy142 and County Rd EA, just west of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club).  The office number is 262-764-9301.


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