Where it well. Huh?

You are what you wear.
A Mom on a Mission!Mission Marcus tshirt
by Just Add Kids founder,
Paula Herrmann

Or is it, “you are what you eat”?
Whatever. The title of this blog post will make sense in a minute.

Honest to goodness, I’ve lived over a half a century now. Yah, I’m a mature, seasoned mom. I became a mom when I was 30. So, really, my day to day interactions with moms came about 20 years ago when I joined the ranks of parenthood. I don’t know if anyone who never was/is a mom can really understand the dynamics of living that role.  It ain’t an easy one. Sure, there are crappy moms who probably should’ve never given birth.  Read more…But, mostly, there are good moms, doing their best to do what’s best for their child/children. And then there are the bomb diggeties.

For the most part, I’ve been surrounded by those who are good. Then BAM!  A few years ago all of a sudden all of these super moms popped out of nowhere.  There’s Colleen, there’s Cindy, there’s Shannon, and Renee. Not to mention Heather and Karri….crazy amazing are they. Though, I do believe the first major diggity unknowingly popped into my work email inbox in the year 2006. I guess it’s the 10 year anniversary of my meeting Tammy.

My wonderful type Aish advertiser who had to get that crown clip art tilted “just right” on her print ad. It took a couple of salads and hand delivered ad proofs to get the ball rollin’. And since then, it has never stopped! (I type this with a blissful smile and heart of adoration.)

Tammy Flynn is the owner of Elegance Salon & Spa and Eevents both based out of Elm Grove. Additionally significant to being a business owner and employer, she’s a single mom of four children. She has been now for 20 some years. Eighteen years ago, she gave birth to her 3rd child, her firstborn son, Marcus.

Marcus was born with Encephalopathy which causes global and cognitive delay, also accompanied by multiple complex medical issues. In a rapid fire medically straightforward manor, Tammy names his numerous diagnoses. As I listen, attempting to process, my head just spins.  Needless to say, Tammy and Marcus have had a lifetime relationship with numerous physicians and staff at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin as well as its affiliated medical complexes and other medical and therapeutic specialists.

Evening of Elegance 2014 Tammy and Make A Wish at podium

On the mic, Patti Gorsky, President & CEO of Make-A-Wish with Tammy (in black) at An Evening of Elegance 2014


Inspired by the work of Children’s Hospital in treating Marcus and thousands of other children, Tammy set out to give back the organization, as well as Make-A-Wish of Wisconsin, by producing a number of special fundraising events over the course of the past 6 years. You may recall them…there’s the formal An Evening of Elegance and family fun event Wishes In Wonderland that has raised over $500,000 with a unique no administrative cost model where 100% of the proceeds were donated back to Children’s and Make-A-Wish. Having played a very minor role in the success of these events, I’ve seen her tireless work first hand. All I can say is A -FREAKIN’ -MAZING!!

Marcus's spine


During this epic fundraising phase, four years ago, Scheuermann’s Kyphosis enters the
scene.  Marcus’s spine began to curve forward abnormally.  In November of 2014,  x-rays reveal that Marcus’s spine’s curvature was at a medically astonishing 95 degrees, and spinal fusion is imminent to prevent it from collapsing. That surgery is scheduled in a few short months on May 16.

Health crises are more often than not a huge financial burden on individuals and families, and Tammy’s family is not immune to the big hit. Not only the cost of the procedure itself and all of the medical prep in advance, there is that the time away from work. Tammy anticipates financial hardship.

Step in another super duper mom, Mollie, who has pulled together among many other things, a GoFundMe account. And believe it or not, bomb diggity Mary of Ideal Logos, who is offering these cool blue tee’s silver or blinged lettering for only $10 with the words Mission: Marcus of which 100% of the proceeds are going toward Marcus’s medical needs.

I ask, for those of you who are familiar with Tammy’s selfless fundraising efforts, can identify with the struggle, or just feel moved, to please read more to meet Marcus and Tammy further via these links:

Mission: Marcus website
Mission: Marcus Facebook page
Mission: Marcus GoFundMe
Mission: Marcus T-shirt
Elegance Salon & Spa website
Eevents website
Elegance Salon & Spa and Eevents Facebook page


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