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Top 5 Ways to Know if You’ll Thrive In An Online School

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Sponsored by Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA), a full-time, tuition-free, online public charter school option for students in grades K-12 living anywhere in the state of Wisconsin.





  1. Families do well when they believe an individualized education is important to their student’s future success.

We have found a common characteristic among parents who choose an online public school like Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA): a drive to remove barriers that restrict their children from reaching their true potential. These parents are motivated to choose an education that is well suited to their child’s unique needs. They understand the power of individualized learning and are willing to get personally involved in their child’s schooling.

  1. Students who thrive in an online school respond well when encouraged to be independent.

Many schools talk about the importance of discipline and taking responsibility. Successful WIVA students live, learn, and thrive by embracing these critical qualities, and we help them get there over time. Students who have previously been distracted in a traditional school find they can finally focus in the online school. When the source of an alienating or frustrating school experience is lifted, such as bullying, many students respond with enthusiasm and hard work.

  1. Parents willing to take an active role in their student’s education will do well. So will their kids!

For WIVA students in early grades, a parent typically plays the active role of Learning Coach, working in partnership with the child’s teacher, supervising younger students closely on their assignments and tracking progress and attendance in the Online School. In the elementary years, the typical time commitment is 4 to 7 hours 5 days a week. And have no fear: we provide a tremendous range of supportive resources to help you become an effective Learning Coach. Naturally, less time is required as students enter the middle school years where the average is 4 hours 5 days a week. By high school, perhaps 1 to 2 hours per day are needed, consisting mainly of tracking progress and the usual dose of moral support.

  1. Those who stick with the online school program tend to enjoy great success.

Changing from a standard school to an online school can be a challenging transition. There are no magic bullets for doing so, other than determination—along with the willingness to use the supportive resources made available to you. And, especially for those who need to improve academically, it is an evolving process, not a sudden transformation. Bear in mind that each student is provided with an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). Based on this comprehensive assessment, students receive a customized program. The ILP—along with guidance from our teachers, the engaging nature of online schooling, and the support you provide as Learning Coach—truly makes learning come alive and helps students thrive. What’s more, there is much evidence to show that the longer children remain in WIVA, the better they do. So, all we can say is: please stick with it!

  1. Parents who insist on high standards find WIVA to be a good fit.

WIVA uses the K12 curriculum and since its founding in 1999, the K12 curriculum used at WIVA has gained a reputation for being the “gold standard” in online education. The K12 approach is based on decades of research into how students learn, with interactive, media-rich lessons that engage young minds, plus superior instruction and support from the country’s most experienced online teachers. While an individualized education meets students where they are, make no mistake: the K12 curriculum is fairly rigorous. That’s because we want students to learn, and learn well. Setting the bar high turns out to be the best path for success in school—and in life.

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