My Dad. 1941-2016

by Just Add Kids Founder, Dad's Memoriam Card Final 3
Paula Herrmann

My how the time flies.

A little over a year ago, my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. A spring and summer journey bounced between the hospital and residential rehab facility, he was finally brought home for Labor Day weekend. He successfully licked the cancer. Unreal. Yet, numerous seemingly minor (compared to the cancer) issues continued to surface. His quality of life sucked. Mostly exhausted, on oxygen 24/7, in pain due to degenerative disc issue that no surgeon would touch, my dad’s body finally had it. He died on Monday, May 23rd at 2:18pm. Myself, my mom, two of my children, my siblings, and a number of other family members and friends, were there when he passed.

I’m a lucky gal. I had. My siblings had. My mom had. My hubs had. My kids had. Many had a great relationship with my dad. He was a great guy.

Although the last year of his life was not a pleasant one for him, it sure was a gift to us. Knowing that we didn’t know if his health plateaued, hoping it would get better, yet seeing over time, it really wasn’t…it gave us the time to cherish every freaking minute. Saying the things we would not regret never saying. Spending the time, because we didn’t know how much was left. May 2015-May 2016. A gift. A dad. One crazy year. Thank you for sticking around. I love you, dad. I mourn our loss of you. I cherish all of our memories.

Please enjoy your dad, your children’s dad, grandfather on a day when we celebrate those that hold the special title of “Father”.  Take every opportunity to spend time together. Resolve differences. Respect. Love.


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