Community Trick or Treat Directory 2016

Trick or Treat! trick-or-treat-2005-2
How Sweet It Is!
Compiled by
Just Add Kids Founder,
Paula Herrmann
Did you know that the average Jack-O-Lantern bucket, when full, carries approximately 250 pieces of candy loaded with 9,000 calories and 3 lbs. of sugar?
Holy molars!
With that said, load it up (with parental discretion)! Fill up on some sweet family time together planning your kiddo’s costume and Trick or Treat action plan.  We can help with the latter. Presenting Just Add Kids’ 2016 Community Trick or Treat Directory, sponsored by Educators Credit Union  Read more…

2016 Community Trick or Treat Directory 
sponsored by Educators Credit Union

Bay View, October 29th 5 – 8pm

Big Bend, October 31st 6 – 8pm

Bristol, October 31st 4 – 7pm

Burlington, (City of), October 31st 6 – 8pm

Caledonia, October 31st 5:30 – 7:30pm

Cudahy, October 29th 5 – 7pm

Dover, October 31st 6 – 8pm

Franklin, October 30th 4 – 7pm

Greendale, October 30th 4 – 7pm, Parade begins at 3pm by Brinkman Field (line up at 2:30pm)

Greenfield, October 30th 1 – 4pm

Hales Corners, October 30th 4 – 7pm

Kansasville, October 31st 6 – 8pm

Kenosha, October 31st 4 – 8pm

Lake Geneva, October 31st 1 4 – 7pm

Lyons, October 29th 2 – 5pm

Mt. Pleasant, October 31st 5 – 7pm

Mukwonago (Town of), October 30th 5 – 8pm

Mukwonago (Village of), October 30th 4 – 6pm

Muskego, October 31st 6 – 8pm

New Berlin, October 30th 4 – 7pm

Norway, October 31st 5 – 7pm

Oak Creek, October 31st 5 – 7pm

Paddock Lake, October 31st 4 – 7pm

Pleasant Prairie, October 30th 3 – 6pm

Racine, October 30th 4 – 7pm

Randall, October 31st 4 – 7pm

Raymond, October 30th  2 – 5pm

Rochester, October 30th 1 – 4pm

Salem, October 31st 4 – 7pm

Silver Lake, October 31st 5 – 8pm

Somers, October 31st 4 – 7pm

South Milwaukee, October 31st 5:30 – 7:30pm

St. Francis, October 30th 5 – 7pm

Sturtevant, October 31st 5 – 7pm

Twin Lakes, October 31st 4 – 7pm

Union Grove, October 31st 5 – 7pm

Vernon, October 30th 1– 3pm

Waterford (Town of), October 31st 5 – 7:30pm

Waterford (Village of), October 31st 5:30 – 7:30pm

Wheatland, October 30th 2 – 5pm

Wind Lake, October 31st 5 – 7pm

Wind Point, October 30th 4 – 7pm

Yorkville, October 31st 4 – 6pm


Updated 10.6.2016
Do not be scared if your community is not listed above. Frightening as it may seem, there are some municipalities that have yet to confirm theirs. JAK’s got its feelers out there and once we get those dates, we’ll post ’em. We’re happy to hear from you, too!  Feel free to shoot JAK an email at!



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