Free me, please!

by Just Add Kids Founder,
Paula Herrmann

Friday after Friday, month after month, and I cannot believe I am just sharing this feature that we do weekly on our Just Add Kids social media walls for the first time.

You can’t imagine, if you are not following or aren’t even on social media, what a great weekly campaign Just Add Kids does on Friday mornings, just to kick off the weekend with a bang. A “FREE” bang, at that!

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While many many items listed in our website’s JAK Happenings Calendar of Events are #FREE to enter/participate, not all of them are. On Friday mornings, we do a special posting on Just Add Kids Facebook and Twitter walls announcing our weekly weekend #Three4FREE. Trust me, with 4 kids, I know what it is like to have the need to tap into events/activities that are free for the family. That’s why this highlight is of utmost importance to me.

So here goes…. Your advanced notice of this week’s #Three4FREE…

three for free 06.05.2015

Enjoy! Have a #FREE weekend, on us…

…and here’s to many more!




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