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“Tissue Boxes, Wipes & Plastic Baggies. No?”

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by JAK’s guest mom blogger from Burlington, Colleen Nagle

I can recall end of summer days of years past. Walking into any store and being bombarded with back to school clothes, sales, school supplies….and moms scrambling to hoard necessities before the shelves went bare.

I recall the scramble; trying to locate every supply on the teachers wish list. The stress of finding ‘acceptable’ shoes that my child would be willing to wear, and the debt! The burning through my credit cards to ensure my kids had the best clothes, best shoes, best backpack and best supplies.

Now that I home school, the end of summer means I can enter any store and not wince at the sight of school supply lists. Read More…Purchases are made out if necessity. My school supply list consists of locating leftover spirals from last year, and dusting off the Rubbermaid container filled with a hundred broken crayons and half used glue sticks.

Since most days our school uniform is pajamas, we will make certain we have a proper supply of lounge pants and T-shirts. Gym class requires old running shoes and random shorts for our outdoor adventures, hikes, bike rides, runs, strolls along the beach and yoga in the park.

Dylan yoga Dylan stretching Dylan riding

Needless to say, the best part of homeschooling is knowing that as summer draws to a close, my child is not stressed. There is no anxiety about meeting a new teacher, no losing sleep worrying about fitting in or if that bully will again be in their class. No panic about how in the world they will make it from the last class to the bus in time before the bus departs without them.

Homeschool has erased anxiety from my kids minds, removed pain from my heart as a result of worrying over them and their day at school. Homeschool is still school, still work, still challenging and still demanding. But, at the same time it has been our lifesaver. Releasing stress and strengthening our family bond.

Dylan vertebrae projectDylan at Desk Dylan and Colleen

The end if summer, for us, means an anticipated return to family routine. Learning together and learning about each other. Growing together as a family, and as individuals.

Welcome back to Home School!


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