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He’s Eight!  Ain’t it Great!?

Well, one would think so.  But, he’s my baby, and I can’t seem to accept it.  See?  I still refer to him as “my baby”.  What is wrong with me?  Is it my refusal to accept the fact that I am getting old?  Or is it because I know, just like with my older two kids, there lingers around the corner that unpinpointable day when his body will no longer be of the small snuggable variety, or he just doesn’t want to be physically coddled (at least in public).

So we’ll celebrate and have a great time.  I’ll post pictures of him through the years on my Facebook to honor this milestone.  I’ll smile in the process. And I’ll cry.  Read more.

As days, weeks, and years continue to come and go faster and faster, this birthday reminds me of how special each and every minute is with him. I’ll appreciate those spontaneous “I love mom”(‘s) that flow so naturally from his mouth or is drawn out thoughtfully in crayon on a white sheet of copy paper. He has said it, and has made hundreds of them.  And I know that there will come a time when I’ll long for the day that he was acting like a sugar overloaded nutcase at the dinner table.

A week or so ago, a friend of mine posted this video on her Facebook page.  Always so crunched for time, I typically don’t take the opportunity to view all of the videos my friends post, however, this one caught my attention. I “shared” it on the Just Add Kids Facebook page, and am sharing it here as well, just in case you are not on Facebook or missed it there.

Enjoy, “The Gift of an Ordinary Day”

and “Happy Birthday, my little man”!  I suppose I should consider changing that term of endearment soon, eh?

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