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The Christmas Bra

Yes Victoria, There is a Santa Clause

One would think that with having two teenage girls who have worked through the ranks of the “tween” years, that I’d be exceptionally prepared for just about anything my 8 year old daughter might throw my way.  Yah, right!

I just finished the gihugic project of sorting through the clothes of all four of my kids. Discard.  Carry over.  Donate.  Those were the 3 major stacks that consumed my life for way too long.  I’d be embarrassed to share with you how long this process took.

There’s about a six year gap between daughter #2 of 3 and daughter #3 of 3.  So all of those cute bib overalls….bye bye.  (I finally got rid of my own beloved bib overalls last year.  Love ’em!  Waiting for that comeback!) Among one of the few things I am storing for my 8 year old’s future use is all of the training bras we have.

As I start loading the 11/12 year old stuff into a rubber storage tote, darling 8 year old grabs them….”I need these!”, she grins. Seriously? Read more.

She was serious.  In fact, on Sunday, she started wearing those little things.  She’s eight.  She doesn’t need a bra.  “But everyone’s wearing them”, she chimes.

As we wind down the Christmas shopping and ask the kids to let us know of anything else they have on their list that they might have missed writing out in earlier lists.  Miss ‘Tween responds, “I want some more bras.  Like the one’s on those Victoria’s Secret commercials”.   Funny thing, she’s not in the least bit embarrassed to express her decision to wear a bra.  I was!  And it didn’t start until I was in 7th grade.

Girls (and everyone else) are exposed to female sexuality far more frequently and earlier then back in the days when I was growing up.  Victoria’s Secret targets a much younger shopper, especially with their Pink line.   Oh yes, one of my 15 year olds favorites.

Thank goodness I am Santa in this house.  Sorry, Victoria…this Santa ain’t buying!


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