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2012…Bring It On. Bring It ALL On!

All For One and All Will Poop
by JAK’s guest mom blogger from Racine, Shannon Barsch

A few Sundays ago my son Kadyn was complaining that his tummy hurts and within record breaking speed he ran from the couch to the bathroom.  Seconds later, noises of puking, groaning and diarrhea creep out from behind the closed door.  Then I hear “Mommy?”… at this point I am afraid to enter, unsure of what I may find and not to mention smell. So I put on my “mommy badge”, take a deep breath,  and head on in. Read More…

Wheew!  Everything made it into the toilet and the only evidence left behind is the unforgiving smell that will linger in the air the rest of the day.

Move ahead a few days and every parent’s nightmare is unfolding without my knowledge…

Upstairs my youngest son is napping, or should I say supposed to be napping.   All of the sudden, I hear a loud THUMP!  I think to myself “Oh great, I guess he is up from his nap already.”  So I march upstairs and open his door, observe there in disbelief and tell myself I must be dreaming.  Nope, reality sets in. There, standing in front of me is my beloved son Sean, naked from the waist down, with the smell of poop permeating through the air.  Quickly. I examine the scene and find his missing diaper laying there on the floor with the poop not in the diaper, but laying next to it….YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!  (yes, notice the number of exclamation points here!)

I scan the room and there is poop EVERYWHERE!  Even worse…it’s in his hands!  Never have I been so disgusted.   After his bath, we head back to his room with a bucket of bleach water and a garbage bag.  I start to throw away things that I just don’t feel can ever be fully clean again and douse the remainder with bleach water a few times over.  So an hour and half later, the smell of poop is replaced by bleach.

A few days later it’s my middle child’s turn…

After lunch, Ethan falls asleep on the couch, which puts me into pre-panic mode….this child hasn’t napped from the day he turned two.  But maybe, just maybe, it’s a fluke.  One can hope, right?!  Not long after, I hear him moaning as he makes his dash to the bathroom.  Again, here come those noises from earlier in the week, this time followed with “Mommy, help me”…   I walk in, only to inhale that dreaded poopy stench.  In short order, the look of panic overwhelms his face.  I know that look all too well and I quickly position his head over the toilet bowl.  There goes my poor little guy, puking everything he has ever eaten into the toilet.  Whew, potential disaster avoided and off to the couch we go for some much needed cuddling time.

Slowly the afternoon gets better…everyone seems healthy and I think we are all in the clear.  All three boys and I are watching Scooby and the youngest is sitting on my lap cuddling.  I think to myself, “Wow, this is great: everyone is relaxed, no one is screaming, fighting or chasing someone… this is the life”.  It seems that as soon as those words came to my head, from out of nowhere, there is a dreadful noise and in seconds there is puke covering me from the knees down to my slippers…  “Uh oh, Mommy” is all Sean says as he looks at me with the all the love in the world.

So this is my life…puke, poop and bleach.   Some may not understand and that’s ok, but I am glad I took the “mommy road”.  Despite all the gross stuff, each smile and call of the word Mommy makes it all worth it!

In addition to Shannon being the mother of 3 young boys, she’s married, and volunteers her time to her children’s school’s fundraising efforts and contributes to the Just Add Kids Happenings Calendar of Events.


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“Fa, La, La, La, La”

Happy Birthday, Christmas Baby!
by JAK’s guest mom blogger from Sturtevant, Sheri Gavin

I love being a mom.

One year has gone by. Not sure where the time has gone. I know that this is a common theme for all moms out there. I never knew how true that statement could be until I became a mom one year ago. I can’t believe she is already one. Over the last year I have learned I could love someone more than I could have ever dreamed. Read More…

Over the last few weeks, the first moments of my little girls’ life has played in my mind like a movie. The emotions I am feeling are just as fresh as they were one year ago. I find myself in a weepy mess a lot of the time. The day of her birthday was especially hard and wonderful at the same time. The moment she was born played like it truly was yesterday. I remember how excited and scared I was to bring her home.

Welcome, Christmas Baby!

Gavin Family 2010

Going back to work after maternity leave was so difficult. I wish I could have put her in my pocket and bring her along with me. I was so afraid I would miss everything, I haven’t. I am not saying I have been there for every first, but when I see it for the first time, it is the first time for the both of us together.

Every milestone that we have accomplished feels like winning the lottery, such as; sitting up, standing, crawling, stacking her ring toys and saying her first word (even if it wasn’t Mama). No, she is not walking yet, but I feel like I don’t want to push to make her walk.  This way, I can hang onto the baby just a bit longer because she will be walking any minute and then she will be a toddler.

Every day there is a new discovery. I love seeing things through her eyes, the things in our life that we over look everyday are fascinating to a 1 year old. I have learned to look at things with a new perspective.

Christmas Baby is 1!

Gavin Family 2011













I truly love being a mom – I was born to be a mom – I was born to be this amazing little girl’s mom.

Sheri is the Marketing Manager @ Apple Holler, Married, Full Time Mom

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Be JAK’s Guest

Take Center Stage

For those of you who have subscribed to JAK Happenings for a while, you know that this space is typically dedicated to sharing my family life experiences and observations as a Racine mom, who is married, with four school-aged children.

I know some of the commentary here has started great conversations, stirred up some emotions, and perhaps initiated a little bit of controversy. We’ve had fun, now we’re movin’ on…
Read more.

Just Add Kids‘ focus is to deliver the most complete and up-to-date kid-oriented, family-friendly event and activity resource mostly with the Happenings Calendar of Events and this weekly email. JAK strives to serve all families with children 0-18 in Southeastern Wisconsin, with an emphasis on Racine and Kenosha counties.

With that in mind, Just Add Kids would like to know what happens in the ordinary day of other families living here in the greater Racine and Kenosha area.  Experiencing any life challenges or other situations that you’d like to share?  What are your passions as a parent? Tips? Or perhaps there is someone you know that needs to be put in the spotlight, whose story is relevant to other parents. We’re looking for guest contributors here who have a knack for written communication, and has something suitable and appropriate to share with JAK‘s audience of parents.

Let me know if you are interested, or if you know of a local blogger that I should be contacting whose musings would be of interest to JAK families.  Email JAK at


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